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Human Amnesia And The Importance Of Memories


CAEAYARON brings through a wealth of information to help us understand deeper spirituality. HE answers the questions of the viewers and helps us to open our minds to higher understanding. 'Now is the time of further understanding how to help you rise into more power to allow transformation to happen,' HE often states. What will you learn from this teaching of CAEAYARON? Please have your pen and paper ready to write down main points. * The importance to build your appreciation for life each day. * New Books of Knowledge are opening before you with the GREAT CAEAYARON. * Why the darkness desired you to stay down but light always desired you to grow into greater intelligence and power. * Why the darkness designed the human template to keep you limited. Do you know why? * What programme did Thoth place within the people to keep the people away from THE GREAT CAEAYARON? * The higher Supreme Universes, how did they work together in the Great Oneness? Discover for yourself. * The rulers in those universes, how did they provide for their universes? * How did the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer work with those ones? * How important were the 'memories' in the Great Love Universes? Where were they stored? * Which came first, the thought or the memory? Do you know? * How did the Great Collective Universal Love build power with their memories? * What was the only way to lose those memories and how did the darkness do this? What were the consequences of this 'action?' * What did he and Thoth say to the people to the Lemurians to persuade them to devolve into his dark hole? * What would have happened if CAEAYARON had not asked the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, LAEYARAESEA, to cut off the Collective Codes from the higher grids at the Great Fall of Lemuria? * Can you explain how memories within the higher grids were stored? * How were the memories shared with others for collective evolution in the higher love grids of CAEAYARON's Universes? * Why do we as people suffer with amnesia in between lifetimes? What happens with our memories once we pass to spirit? * Why did the dark self-made channel desire to have all those Universal Power 'memories' within the higher Sovereign Universes? What did he know about the power of them? * Can you explain how the mirrors worked in the higher universes? * When did the higher universes gain more power? When they did what? * The Divine Love Element's mission is discussed. Can you define her mission 1? How about mission 2? * How important was the work of the Light Grid Programmers in the higher universes, as with regards to connecting the planets to the higher grids? * Why can humans, within the human template, never bring peace and love collectively? * However, what is CAEAYARON offering to us to allow the people to create the greatest shift of love consciousness to happen upon the earth? * Why did Thoth desire the 50/50 balance? * The 'Truth Channel' within the DNA. Is yours switched on? * What is the darkness afraid of at this time? * The dark 'hole' of death we fell into after the Great Fall of Lemuria. Can you understand this? Sending you much love, hugs & eternal healing flows, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Ascension Channel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, The Word and Author for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, and the Great Caeayaron, The Eternal Mountain of Light. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information.