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Inheriting the New Earth and the Great Realms


Welcome to the teachings and the Great Love of the GREAT FATHER, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. First, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel introduces the teaching by welcoming the viewers to the Divine Masters Teachings. She mentions how important these times are, as they are the Times of the New Awakening Love Consciousness. After she introduces the teachings, she goes quiet while she connects to the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. Please notice the shift taking place when Suzanna goes into deeper trance states. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT welcomes the people and brings through how important it was for Jesus to come to the earth and for the people, 2,000 years ago, to listen to the channelled messages of Jesus. * What were the teachings of Jesus? * How did the people 2,000 years ago feel about the teachings of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL? * Why did the people recognize the teachings coming through Jesus to be of Divine Authority? * How did the people 2,000 years ago feel about their inheritance coming? * Why did they desire to understand more about the Sacred Promise they would receive, and how important was it for them to spread the Sacred News Jesus brought through. Please feel free to watch and observe. Namaste, always in the great love and may you always have the Great Blessings of Divine Love to help guide you to the highest path of love, The Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is the Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer. To discover more about the Sacred Channel, the Sacred Word of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, and the GREAT CAEAYARON, please visit the Facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. You will discover how the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL has been verified by an organization outside of the Activated of CAEAYARON to state that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the TRUE LOVE CHANNEL the people have been waiting for. You can also discover and explore more wisdom from SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT channelled through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel via, The Living Words of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great Vol 1 and 2 books, which can be purchased from Amazon.