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Memory Grids and Imprints on Consciousness


Welcome to the Great Universal Love Teachings from the highest Universal Love Frequencies Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron, speaking through their (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Please visit for more spiritual nourishment and guidance on how to bring more love and peace into your life Exactly why was she selected to do the task no one else could do? What does a Universal Light Grid Programmer do exactly, and how did she align all the Universal Love Universes with Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel in the original universes? Please watch this teaching, 11 October 2020, to discover all this information. Caeayaron is sending broadcast transmissions into the earth grids to awaken the people quickly at this time, for the consciousness must shift now, and into the very near future. Caeayaron, in this teaching, brings through his Chosen Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Ultimate Truth to reveal The Great Universal Truth of how all consciousness became contaminated with conflict no one was able to release consciously or unconsciously. How did conflict come into our subconscious, and why could we not move away from the karma within our consciousness? Who placed it there and for what reason? More revelations are revealed in this teaching. For Universal Love Searchers who have been waiting to hear the answers being spoken through Divine Sovereign Love these teachings are unique, and the most exciting and knowledgeable teachings ever presented on earth.