Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Messianic Alignment Pathway


Welcome to the time of the Great Messianic Pathway opening up. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel introduces the teachings of Sovereign Father Emmanuel and Caeayaron who are here to teach us how to live a higher way of life and how this world can become of peace and love. When you listen to this teaching, observe the Universal Love Channel how she works with her channel of love. Only the highest love teachings come through the Universal Love Channel, and like Sovereign Lord Emmanuel teaches, HE only works with ONE channel, and HE created ONLY ONE Channel of Universal Love to be HIS Messenger. No one else has been purposely created to be HIS Messenger, and this is how that ONE channel can become identified as the ONE who was Jesus 2,000 years ago. Are you one who desires peace and love to come to this earth? Do you desire to embrace the higher love pathway? Do you desire to understand the Divine Mission and how you can become part of a whole New Earth coming? Are you at all willing to be part of it and receive your Codes of Life with Caeayaron, through the Universal Love Channel back? Or are you not willing to partake in the greatest gift coming to mankind? This is the choice, the pathway. Namaste, sending you love, peace and unity, The Administration Team of Caeayaron and the Great Father Emmanuel, Sovereign Lord, and their ONLY Word, the ONE Way to Eternal Paradise in the Star Love Dimensions, the Blue Star, the Gateway of Life, The Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Please research Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on facebook to discover Divine Truth about Jesus in 17 lessons on why it is the time to Embrace Universal Love Consciousness.