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New Star Creation Pathway


Namaste and welcome to the time when the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, the Blue Star Creation Pathway is rising up from the midst of the dense grids of the earth. The last time the Blue Star Dancing with Cosmic Light was seen dancing was when ancient people saw a clear vision of what needs to happen now, at the time of the great planetary shift; the 13th gateway. That prophecy was to help people remember their ancient star selves. There were civilizations on earth well before the Lemurian Grids collapsed. Those people were purposely placed on earth by dark minded star beings to be their slaves. Those ancient civilizations were purposely 'bred' (genetically) in colonies so that they could be controlled. Please watch this intense teaching from CIC - Cosmic Intelligence Centre which is where all Cosmic Intelligence comes from. This also could be called the CIB - Cosmic Intelligence Bureau. For those of us who are close to the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, we are deeply excited to see how the ancient prophecies are becoming fulfilled, right before our own eyes. One thing is for sure, THE UNIVERSAL ALIGNMENT IS HERE AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING. Namaste, sending you much Universal Love, always in the love, the Universal Love Administration Team, on behalf of The Sovereign Universal Light Coder, the Everlasting Blue Sun Consciousness Channel, who is now in this age, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.