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Planet Earth Restoration


Welcome to the Divine Universal Love Teachings of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON, transmitted through our (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. If you are keen to investigate how to work towards humanity´┐Żs survival into the future, please begin to grasp we are now living in an important time of the transformation. This is the time when the Codes of Alignment can happen for all who Universally Align back up to Cosmic Universal Love. But how can anyone gain those Codes of Alignment, which lead to freedom from dense realms eternally? This is why, for those who are spiritually awakening to these important times, these teachings are of utmost importance. Our whole civilization rests on understanding how to rejuvenate, not only humanity, but also the earth for the whole environment is uncertain at this stage. Could a colossal shift be happening right at this time of the Great Alignment happening? Could there also be answers to how we could transform to allow more beauty and purpose to come to ourselves and to all of humanity? Please watch the video to find out more and follow for more information on earth restoration and inspiration for life.