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Preservation of Ultimate Universal Truth


Namaste and welcome to the Time of the Great Sovereign Alignment when we have reached the 13th Gateway where New Creation is beginning. Please watch these teachings within these videos, as they explain the importance of the New Creation Gateway. First of all, watch the (now) Sovereign Universal Love Channel present the importance of Universal Ultimate Truth and why it is ultimately important. After this watch her channel Sovereign Father Emmanuel who discusses with the people how creation can become free eternally, depending on whether creation desires Universal Love. But what does this mean? Sovereign Father Emmanuel takes us into the teaching HE brought through Jesus 2,000 years ago. Back then the people were puzzled with the information and now we are able to glean into the past with a better understanding. The Great Caeayaron brings us into a Universal Teaching that sure will bring new quantum fields into thought and ways of expressions that many have not yet considered. How does time expand in the greater universes, and how does light exponentially increase? How did the coding for life take place, to allow life to exist? How did creation happen in the higher universes and what intelligence level did those people operate on? What can we learn from higher intelligence? Interesting to note here, Caeayaron brings us into time travel understanding also and how time worked in the higher dimensions. This brings him into a point many people have been asking Caeayaron, 'Where did darkness come from?' This is a fascinating thought to process because if darkness could not operate in the Universal Light concepts, then somehow it became created. Once we begin to understand the basic concept of time and where darkness came from, then we will want to carry on processing it by looking in our own world in search for answers. Feel free to watch this exciting teaching.