Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Restoration of earth with Universal Intelligence


Welcome to the times when all Cosmos Truth is being revealed to help assist people to see that another pathway could be possible. Suzanna's own Universal Cosmos Light Body is currently strengthening and Caeayaron shows how the way forward could be created if the right people began to work with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron's with large Activation Cosmos Restoration processes. This is because the Universal Cosmos Alignments hold all restoration codes for the planet and the people. At this time, the Codes of the Blue Star Archangel are aligning further to the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel. It is incredible, for those who understand the vital importance of the Blue Star restoration happening, that all ancient knowledge could return now, as the intellect of the Cosmos Messenger is currently being restored back to its original formation. Once people begin to realize the importance of the transmissions through Suzanna and Caeayaron, Sovereign Father Emmanuel, and the Galactic Cosmos Universal Light Societies, they'll be able to see why Caeayaron desires Suzanna to be the Cosmos Ambassador, the Cosmos Voice for Earth and the Universes. For those who study history, they can begin to see why the ancients thought it was so important to write down all their knowledge with hieroglyphics. The ancients held the knowledge of their past, present and possible future. The ancients believed that the Blue Star from the Great Sun might return to help assist them back to star transformation for they knew the cycles of the original earth, sun, moon and stars. They were well aware they were trapped in an illusion and no longer could return home, unless the Blue Star returned to them. To find out more, please continue with watching the video, always in the Universal Love The Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel