Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Spanish translation to help us to discover the higher pathway of love


Welcome to a spanish translation as Maria (a dedicated Universal Love Teacher of Caeayaron) works with Caeayaron, through the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Caeayaron desires to bring millions into the Universal Love Alignments to help the people come into Universal Love Healing during the next 12 years when the Codes of Alignments are given to the people who come. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, the Universal Love Channel, was called to Divine Service and was asked to work with Caeayaron, Magnetic Forces, Flows & Streams of Sacred Alignments to open up planetary systems within the earth, connecting it back up to the Universal Love Grids of Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, to allow us to find our way back home. Do you know that the last attempt to create an Universal Alignment like this was made during the times of Lemuria? There the Universal Love Channel, Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was then known as Laeyaraesea, also needed to connect the planetary grids up to the Universal Light Grids in exactly the same way. If the people had collectively agreed to work in the collective love together with Caeayaron and the Universal Love Channel, we would have never fallen into human consciousness. Lemuria was in a peaceful and loving state before the darkness brought the Lemurians into pain. When Lemuria was growing and evolving the Codes of Life were given to the Lemurians so that they could grow and align with Star Grids to find their way back to the original Sovereign Universes they came from. Caeayaron, who created the Universal Grids of Life and the Codes of Life, could only bring them through his Blue Star who directly links into the Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer, as the Blue Star is the multidimensional self of the Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer. No one else is connected into her multidimensional self for that being, the Blue Star, is set far apart the rest of creation, as all of creation was created through that pathway, therefore, also now Caeayaron cannot work through another pathway other than the Blue Star Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer. Interestingly enough, if you discovered the Universal Light System of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, you would find evidence to prove that she is far different than all the rest of the people. Her whole light body works on a higher magnetic ray than anyone else on this planet, which is why Caeayaron calls her the ONE, for she is the ONE who cannot be compared to, energetically, to anyone else. For those who recognize the importance of the Time of the Great Alignment and the importance of having the Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer, Universal Love Channel with us on this planet, at this time, they are incredibly blessed for they have found the true answers to all of life and the answer to all questions they have ever had. Why not look into this with deeper spiritual insight? Many have rejected this pathway already even though Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been faithfully channelling Divine, like she was asked to do. She has not refused her Divine Calling even though she could have. If she decided her own path was more important than it was to work with Divine at this time, no one would be able to receive their Codes of Life back because Divine only has one Universal Love Channel. They cannot create another pathway because she was uniquely and purposely created for this Divine Task. How can Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great create another pathway if they had only ever created ONE? Please do not reject this calling and begin to open your heart to the meaning of this day of the Great Restoration and Atonement. Please consider how difficult the path is of the Universal Light Grid Programmer who is the Blue Star Divine Love Element. She was sent by Divine Love to help align us upwards. She gave up her right to be in the Archangelic Realms so that we could return home to our original positions as Star Love Beings. Do you realize you were never supposed to be in human form but you used to be a Star Being filled with love creation power? Many still think they come from the monkey. Perhaps it is time to update our consciousness, do you not agree? Sending you much love and healing always in the Service of Divine Love, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON & Suzanna Maria Emmanuel