Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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Suzanna Maria Emmanuel - Introduction to her Divine Purpose


Welcome to the most beautiful Divine Love Teachers. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel introduces the Divine Love Teachings from the Great Divine Masters and explains how and why she was called to Divine Service to help with the great consciousness shift that needs to happen, if humanity is to survive. That is why Caeayaron calls this time the Great Rescue Mission for earth and mankind. The Great Light now needs to rise on planet earth to stop the fear consciousness on planet earth spreading, to allow mankind to evolve towards a higher stage of evolution. Once many begin to understand the significance and the great importance of the Divine Universal Love Activations and the Cosmic Time Alignment we are living in at this time and become activated with their Codes of Life, we are able to raise the consciousness frequency of the people and awaken them to what it is that can stop immense conflict in the world. When large numbers of people are activated in the higher light grids coming with Universal Power Activations with Caeayaron through the Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is the Galactic Star Universal Love Transmitter, that is when the people can become part of the greatest peace missions in the world with Divine Flows and Divine Guidance; only if we come together as a great collective, desiring the next move forward to happen. Please see Suzanna Maria Emmanuel LIVE when you have the opportunity to go to the Divine Universal Love Activations. Millions will need their Codes of Life and Empowerment before the year 2032 so that humanity can move towards a whole new age of peace and love. We look forward to seeing you there at the Divine Celebrations. Namaste, sending you love and flows of peace, The Administration Team of Caeayaron & Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 'Bringing the Divine Flows to planet earth to bring in the Great Consciousness Shift collectively.' For more information and regular posts with incredible spiritual information you can investigate in your own time, please visit: