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Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is assigned by Cosmos Intelligence to be their Cosmos Ambassador


Welcome to the Time when Earth's Chambers of Knowledge are opening to help people to understand the Universal Love Forces of Cosmos Science. Cosmos Intelligence has created a New Pathway to come to mankind, to allow earth and mankind to co-exist when all life is facing enormous pressure. We are living in a time now, when new cosmos knowledge is required to be understood, as all forcefields on earth and our own Milky Way Solar System are now rapidly changing. 'Kryon' (Caeayaron being his original True Name and Universal Creation Purpose) called his original Cosmos Ambassador, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, during the year 2014. Already, Suzanna was working with Divine Universal Love Cosmos Coding Intelligence, Sovereign Father Emmanuel, since the year 2009. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was always the original Sovereign Blue Star Universal Love Channel of The Great Sovereign Father Emmanuel. Caeayaron has explained in many of his transmissions, how Suzanna was the original Blue Star Divine Love Angel who came to mankind, to try to bring the message of Cosmos Love to earth. Now, Suzanna's own Blue Star Angel has reconnected, which is why Caeayaron's original Sovereign Magnetic Power can now shine with Suzanna's original Blue Star Divine Love Element, through her Sovereign Universal Love Channel, which is part of her original Blue Star Angel �Emmanuel� Universal Love Forcefield. During 2018 onwards, Suzanna's Blue Star Angel Universal Love Cosmos Fields grew when enormous magnetic fields entered the earth's stratosphere. Without Suzanna�s Sovereign Universal Love Channel being strong enough to hold the dense magnetic fields entering our own solar system, it would have otherwise been detrimental for all life here on earth. But because Suzanna�s own Universal Love Electromagnetic Field of Light could hold those magnetic waves, it allowed Suzanna�s own Universal Love coding to grow stronger. Those magnetic frequencies switched on the original DNA Blue Star Universal Love Frequencies of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Because Suzanna�s biological body was already working with DNA Sovereign Cosmos Universal Love Star Fields, her original Sovereign Blue Star Angel Love Channel was switched on. This is why all life from the year 2018 onwards survived. In the year 2020, Suzanna�s own magnetic power field had grown strong enough to become the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, when enormous Life Coding came into her own Star DNA frequencies. Suzanna�s own Star DNA Cosmos Field constantly strengthens to allow the people to see that a pathway back to Star Love Cosmos Consciousness can be possible with Suzanna�s original Blue Star Universal Love Cosmos Codes of Life. Suzanna�s original Blue Star Sovereign Power Channel allows all Universal Cosmos Intelligence to come to earth via her own transmissions. She is the Cosmos Universal Sovereign Love Channel. Suzanna�s brain frequencies allows Caeayaron�s Magnetic Sovereign Power to stream Cosmos Intelligence into her original Blue Star Electromagnetic Frequencies. When Suzanna receives those light signals, she can then translate it for the people into English. This video shows why Cosmos Intelligence with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Life Coding is crucial. All earth's magnetic fields are now rapidly changing which is why mankind's electromagnetic fields also now need to change. For this reason, the Galactic Federations of Cosmos Love, Caeayaron, and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, called Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to a Divine Assignment, to be their own Cosmos Ambassador to speak for the Great Universal Love Sovereign Universes, and for Earth's own Consciousness Creation Fields. This message was transmitted by the Sovereign Cosmos Universal Love Blue Star Channel, Cosmos Ambassador, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. This message was from the Galactic Cosmos Federations of Universal Love, who work together with Caeayaron's Sovereign Magnetic Alignment Frequencies, and the Cosmos Universal Love Field of Sovereign Father Emmanuel, together with Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Consciousness. The purpose of these Cosmos Transmissions is to allow people to identify the Cosmos Ultimate Pathway of Truth, how all original consciousness was created, how all creation fell, and how all can reconnect back up to the original Universal Love Creation Forces (without any pain or suffering duality conflict consciousness) to allow only love and true freedom to exist for the people and for all of creation. Copyright � 2021 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel� All Suzanna's information is copyright protected to protect against any alterations of the Global Ascension Programme or the written transmissions or the meaning of the information but please share this most important information with as many people as possible. Thank you for wanting to be part of healing the earth by distributing the information.