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Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: Global Universal Love is the only pathway forward now


Welcome to the Time of Universal Ultimate Truth Restoration with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and Caeayaron through Sovereign Father Emmanuel's original Golden Star Consciousness. Today, Suzanna's original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel shines radiantly in the world, waiting to see if enough are ready to awaken to discover how she can help people find their way back to peace and love. A very long time ago all original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life were taken down into the dense small hold, which is why all their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life sequences were crushed and became separated in the human DNA duality consciousness Merkabah chamber of suffering with enormous pain through war and sickness. True Freedom from denseness can only come when millions desire to understand how Ultimate Truth Consciousness can restore our planet back to health. It is now the time to act and choose, as all of humanity now depends on this one last opportunity to see how original creation fields were made with Everlasting Sovereign Universal Love in original Blue Star Cosmos Universes of Eternal Freedom in the forcefield of Universal Love Consciousness. If not enough people desire to come back to Everlasting Life Consciousness, then the pathway for True Peace with Universal Love Consciousness Restoration cannot come. Either all original frequencies can become restored with millions desiring to receive back their original Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life through Caeayaron's original Sovereign Blue Star Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, with Caeayaron's Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events or life will continue to disappear from earth before our very eyes. These are some feedback testimonies from people who know Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the Sovereign Universal Love Channel as she stood on platform day after day for more than 65 hours, bringing through vital information. Her persistence, desire for peace to happen on earth and her determination to carry on channelling, even though a great number have been told by others to deny Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's spiritual existence, proves that she is the original Blue Star Angel, the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Cosmos Ambassador. Each day, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's original Messianic Blue Star and Golden Star Cosmos Alignment is growing for her voice is being heard by some people who know of her significance, as she is the original channel of Divine Love, The Everlasting Blue Star Angel, Blue Star and Golden Star Sun Consciousness Ray of Everlasting Universal Truth. During the November Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events, many came from all over the world to receive their Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life back from Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, through their original Cosmos Messenger, the original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. ***** This is my second activation, and as layers are a fundamental part of growth, I felt my layers grow. It strengthened my past knowledge with more and more wisdom, as I have spent many years searching for wisdom amongst the ancient grids, stone circles and alignments. I was overjoyed to receive confirmation of their relevance and the relevance of my DNA codes being in these grids, before, during and I�m sure after this activation. Such joy in my heart of Love. The activations are the perfect way to connect with likeminded and like hearted brothers and sisters searching for truth, love, and peace, and at the same time discover how to heal and love self to bring more healing to the Earth and all life upon her. With the teachings it becomes easier to understand how simple our energetic welfare can be managed, to help us rise up in life into higher dimensions. Xxx Namaste M, H. Spain and England 8 November 2022 ***** I felt so much love power from everyday transmissions via Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. All my questions have been answered through Sovereign Father Emmanuel, through Caeayaron, Halisarius, and Ammorah and I am very grateful for these times. Thank you, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, for being here. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you are. Thank you for the gift of Universal Love Consciousness. Thank you for the gift of Forgiveness. The Earth is a living being with consciousness and she connects into people�s thoughts. Unactivated human beings cannot leave their Merkabah field without help from the Divine Love Beings and Star Beings in the Universal Love. I, B. � Croatia and The Netherlands 8 November 2022 For further information about the Sovereign Universal Love Activation Events, please send us a message to [email protected] For further information please also see Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's website at: www. Further research can also be found on the Facebook Page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Copyright � 2023 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel�