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The Codes of Creation and The Stone of Destiny


Welcome to the Teachings of Sovereign Father Emmanuel & Caeayaron who are here, through their ONLY Sovereign Universal Love Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who is their (and has always been in the Great Love Universes) Chosen Pathway of Life and Creation, to speak to us about the Pathway of Eternal Life to return back to the Great Sovereign Universes, the universes we originally came from. A very long time ago, the Great Sovereign Universal Love Channel worked hard in the Great Love Universes, together with the Universal Princes in the Great Creation Realms, on a plan. This was the Plan of the New Creation coming. She was about to be seated on the Messianic Throne of Destiny to bring all of creation, within the Sovereign Universes into the 13th Gateway of Alignment, to allow all to enter the New Creation Pathway. She had proven her loyalty to all of creation in the Universal Love above all. She was the everlasting Blue Star. Divine Universal Love together with the Princes of Creation desired her, collectively, to be their ONLY Chosen ONE to be the Gateway of Eternal Life and the Eternal Memory Records. It is through her all of life grew stronger into universal flows of creation through her Sovereign Universal Love Channel. Then, the darkness came in. They claimed her sovereign power, and the power of the Princes of Universal Creation. All fell down into the dark abyss. All memories of the people were taken by the darkness so they no longer remembered the beauty and true freedom they once had. Without their memories of love they had no anchor or reference point any more and no longer did the Sovereign Universes exist any longer, not after the darkness had shattered the mirrors of love and tainted all the memories. Please watch to discover more!