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The Crystaline Grid and Rejuvenation Restoration


Welcome to the teachings of SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL and CAEAYARON who are here to bring us the Universal Ultimate Divine Truth to bring our earth into love and peace, if we desire that to happen as a great collective. You will find more information at This teaching looks at the way the Universal Light Structure originally was formed. It allows us to peek in the universes well before planets were created when the first desire to form creation came into existence. How did structure come into existence, and how was life formed? Who formed it, and what was its original purpose? Caeayaron brings us into a deeper universal understanding of what life was originally purposed for. The Universal Leaders of the Sovereign Universes desired only love and unity to be maintained. They created beautiful flows together that would allow creation to be built, to allow higher existence to flow within. How did they store this information? How significant was their brain capacity? The secrets of the universe are being revealed before us. How did the Star Beings gain greater power, and what was the connection between planetary connection and the Crystalline Grid? How about rejuvenation, how did that work, and how did the Star Beings constantly gain more information? How did this align with their memories and how significant were their memories? The Star Beings formed a cosmic agreement; to build life together in love and harmony. They needed constant flows of rivers of light so where did this come from? How did this work and what was so special about this? When the darkness came in, what exactly did they do to create the collapse of the universe and what did they gain from it? How did darkness syphon power away from the love universes? More information revealed.