Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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The Day of Divine Alignment is HERE!


Welcome to the Great Teachings of the GREAT CAEAYARON, MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT. A delightful time it is for all those who seek Divine Love within their life and desire to understand how Divine Alignment can bring peace and love to our world so that our earth can survive the times coming. CAEAYARON, through the Word, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, brings his Divine Truth Alignments through with Divine Revelations to help us understand our pathway to allow us to grow upwards into stronger spiritual love as a Great Collective of Love, working with the GREAT UNIVERSAL GALACTIC BODY FEDERATIONS as ONE people. This was always prophesied to happen and many have been waiting for the Blue Archangel, the Blue Star to rise upwards with Divine Love to allow us to SEE and UNDERSTAND our pathway forward. When you listen to this particular teaching you will begin to discover deeper spiritual alignment. CAEAYARON answers questions from True Spiritual Seekers who desire the True Love to rise and who have been awake to Divine Alignment to happen upon the earth as they understand Divine Prophesies well. They are happy to understand that the Great Divine Revelations are FINALLY being told. There are people upon the earth who have been quietly asking CAEAYARON questions without Suzanna Maria Emmanuel knowing exactly what has been asked, to see if CAEAYARON is with the Blue Star Universal Channel. Those people knew ONE UNIVERSAL CHANNEL of DIVINE LOVE would rise with Divine Alignments. Some of those have had the direct calling from CAEAYARON to show the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL was upon the planet and to begin to start taking notice. Those people, who were approached by CAEAYARON directly, are significant in the Divine Alignment work for they are the true spiritual seekers and received many visions of this time coming. When you watch this teaching, begin to appreciate the importance of 2020 and beyond. This is the time what CAEAYARON calls, the 'Divine Courtroom' when EVERYTHING is being revealed before us. This is the LAST TIMELINE before the GREAT TRANSFORMATION comes for those who are ready to BECOME OF LOVE. This is the time when ALL TIMELINES come together through ONE UNIVERSAL CHANNEL, the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL, whose task is to GROW with DIVINE GUIDANCE and to ALLOW her DIVINE LOVE UNIVERSAL CHANNEL to speak to allow Divine to 'bear witness' to allow DIVINE LOVE to be heard, for the first time in our human history. During the time the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL lived as Jesus, Divine Truth Alignment was not ready to be heard yet and finally, 2,000 years later the heavens of Divine Love can bring through Divine Alignment to allow us to choose between the roadways, to let us see how we can return to our original Star Paths, the same Star Love Dimensions we originally came from BEFORE we became human. When Suzanna Maria Emmanuel opens her GALACTIC UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL in front of people, she allows the people present at the Divine Activations to feel the flows of love when Divine Love speaks through her. Never has this happened before since the ancient times and the last time the Divine Channel rose with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL was when she was Jesus, 2,000 years ago. Those who have stayed awake to allow this time to happen are TRULY BLESSED, for they RECOGNIZE and UNDERSTAND the IMPORTANCE of this ALIGNMENT. CAEAYARON explains, in more detail in this teaching, how the BLUE STAR worked on the higher love dimensions and what her role was to allow the flows of the UNIVERSAL LOVE COMMANDERS to grow and how the higher love universes grew into stronger love creation power. You will learn much from this teaching, including why all fell from the flows of love and peace and how we can gain the flows of love and peace back. Please watch this fascinating teaching, filled with NEW understanding, which is our own ANCIENT Divine Story of Life. Namaste from the Administration Team of CAEAYARON, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. For more information and regular posts with incredible spiritual information you can investigate in your own time, please visit: