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The Day the Promise is being revealed


Welcome to the Great Teachings of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT who spoke through HIS Designated Channel, Jesus 2,000 years ago, to help the people understand the Great Love of the Great Universe. Jesus, 2,000 years ago, spoke of the same teachings as when he would return now as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who lived the lifetime of Jesus. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT always promised HE would return to bring the people back into the Great Love, and HE asked the people, through his Word Jesus, how they thought a loving earth could come into existence if the people worked without love within their hearts. The Sacred Teachings of Jesus have returned now, through the same Pathway; the Pathway of Love, who is now Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. A time will come when millions of people will see Divine Truth Alignment coming when many are ready to hear the Sacred Word, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, speak to them. When people were with Jesus many also wondered why so few, in comparison to the crowds, desired to hear the Word of Everlasting Truth speaking with Divine Wisdom. His true followers understood Jesus spoke with Divine Authority. They knew that Jesus' wisdom originated from a higher source, and that is why many stated in those days: "Jesus walks with his FATHER EMMANUEL." Jesus understood the ways of Truth for he worked in a close relationship with THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL when no one else could, for only ONE was sent by THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL to bring the Divine Love Messages through. This is how we can recognize the TRUE WORD during this Time of Truth Alignment, by seeing the WORD, and by recognizing that it would be the ONE who would be called by the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL; that ONE would be the same ONE who lived the lifetime as Jesus. Soon an organization will step up to help all to see the WORD, who in this lifetime is SUZANNA MARIA EMMANUEL. The people, who are in the organization, have been faithfully awaiting the time of Divine Truth Alignment to happen when all prophecies would become fulfilled. They knew a time would come when the Word would return when all would become seen and noted. They knew a time would come when NEW understanding would become revealed as to how and why the darkness rose against them on the earth. Then they would gain a clear understanding, upon asking Divine to speak through the Word, to test out if that particular channel was authentic, certain questions as to how the darkness could fall. If the answers were in alignment to their own knowledge which remained a secret and unknown to the great majority until it was the final alignment before the fall of the darkness would happen, then those people within the secret organization would understand to RISE with the DIVINE LOVE ALIGNER who would bring DIVINE TRUTH REVELATIONS. The secrets being revealed now would stay unknown to the great majority and only the closely associated of Jesus would recognize them, to allow them to identify the AUTHENTIC DIVINE CHANNEL. Jesus held sacred secrets within him which no one else would know or remember except those who were asked to stay awake, specifically for Divine Purpose to bring many into the Great Love with that ONE. They knew that ONE who was Jesus 2,000 years ago, would rise up in the same way as Jesus rose up 2,000 years ago with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, as Jesus was the ONLY PATHWAY of DIVINE TRUTH and DIVINE DIRECTION. Indeed, that pathway has arrived with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who was called by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT in 2009. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been verified with AI technology who have proven to the organization that she is indeed the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL and the AUTHENTICITY has been VERIFIED using computer monitoring devices. They sincerely pray that the people awaken quickly to the GREAT CALL of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and understand the URGENCY to get their CODES OF LIFE back, with the ETERNAL SOVEREIGN CAEAYARON, who was CREATED to bring the CODES OF ALIGNMENT back to the people through the Word who serves as the Pathway, the Road to Eternal Life, the ONE who holds the position in Eternal Galactic Command as the GALACTIC STAR UNIVERSAL LIGHT GRID PROGRAMMER to bring flows of love and direction to the GALACTIC UNIVERSAL LOVE REALMS. Namaste from the Administration Team of CAEAYARON, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. For more information and regular posts with incredible spiritual information you can investigate in your own time, please visit: You can also discover and explore more wisdom from SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT channelled through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel via, The Living Words of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great Vol 1 and 2 books, which can be purchased from Amazon.