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The Great Star Cosmic Alignment


Welcome to the time of the Great Transformation and Realignment to allow the Day of the New Creation to begin. At this time, our Sovereign Universal Love Channel is rising as she has met the Blue Star Archangel Pathway in the higher Sovereign EMMANUEL dimensions. CAEAYARON highlighted that her �transformation� to become human, after she had been the Great Messianic Archangel of Alignments herself, was the actual miracle, not the actual transformation to allow humanity (who receive the Codes of Life at the Events WITH the (now since June 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Aligner (Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) to transform back to the original Sovereign Universes where all Pre-Lemurians came from originally. To watch Suzanna Maria Emmanuel transform into more of her original coding of Divine Love is amazing for anyone who is in the presence of her. Each day, she transforms into more beauty, more love, and more wisdom. It does not matter what we ask, and what questions are formed, she comes through with the wisdom and knowledge, all with love, never with hypocrisy or with a show. She is ultimate genuine Divine Love. This is exactly what the prophecies stated, that The Word would return to shower us with knowledge, wisdom and beauty, when the world was filled with a time of desperation. When there was no more hope for the future, that is when the Sovereign Messenger could return to open our minds up to greater possibilities. Perhaps you wish to know then, that we have until 2032 to gain our Codes of Alignment, Life and Freedom back. Then another alignment will come which is when that Gate of Life will shut. However, if many become activated, then all of humanity thereafter can live in peace, because the vibration of the earth could then well become high enough to grow exponentially towards obtaining an eternal love vibration. Enjoy watching the teachings of Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, CAEAYARON and The Galactic Federation Chief Leader, HALISARIUS through the Everlasting, Eternal Gateway of Life, the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, The Blue Star Divine Love Element who is none other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.