Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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The Higher Star Dimensions Are Now Gaining Power.


HALISARIUS, Chief Galactic Federations of Light Leader introduces his teaching by saying what a great pleasure it is to work with those who desire the Great Love to come to our planet. He speaks about the following: * How the Great Alignment has started and why the Star Beings in the higher dimensions are feeling the power returning to them. * Why this 'power' is beneficial to the Divinely Activated people of CAEAYARON. What can the Star Beings do more of with this greater power? * What has 'human denseness' taught the higher Star Beings? * What do they desire to see happen upon our earth plane? * HALISARIUS speaks about the large protection CAEAYARON together with large Star Beings are giving to our planet and why they are stabilizing the sun at this time. * The Galactic Leaders desire people to come onto a higher healing journey at this time. * The work Halisarius did in Lemuria and Atlantis to help you evolve. * How density taught greater forgiveness and greater appreciation for light. * How the people of Halisarius are examining your thoughts to help you on your healing journey. About the Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: In 2009, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was approached by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. She began to channel HIS messages a few months later in front of groups. In 2009, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT gave Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the understanding that she was Jesus 2,000 years ago. At that time, Suzanna did not desire the people to understand this until it could no longer remain hidden. In 2014, she was approached by 'Kryon,' and in 2015, CAEAYARON (Kryon) began to bring through the Divine Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was always HIS Divine Love Element, Universal Light Programmer, Laeyaraesea, in Ancient Lemuria. in 2016, CAEAYARON (Kryon) introduced his true name and purpose through Suzanna, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was always HIS authentic channel, as well as the channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT in her past lifetimes when she was asked to work with Divine Purpose. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information. To receive The Book, in two volumes, of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, 'The Living Words of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, Walking the Path of Life,' please visit