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The Messianic Universal Alignment Pathway Has Begun


Welcome to the Teachings of Love from CAEAYARON who is here to explain to us all that has been, and all that is to come. HE is the Universal Revealer of Divine Truth, bringing us into Alignment of Universal Truth. This time is what many call: 'The Time of Revelations' and many have been very much afraid of this time because of the great misinterpretations of the word 'Revelations'. This Time of Alignment is for us to hear Divine Truth being spoken, to allow messages to come through Divine Source through their ONLY Divine Messenger, who in this life is none other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Many dispute and argue this saying that more channels exist who channel Divine Source, but upon studying the information coming through other channels, we find that our understanding is becoming more awakened. We can finally define what is True Divine Source and what is not. Other channels were important, as they allowed us to understand spirituality and channelling, and if it was not for them then CAEAYARON and THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL could not have called their ONE Divine Messenger to the higher platform, to allow her to rise with her Universal Love Channel. Please awaken friends because we don't have much more time to act. We must either choose for Universal Love with Divine Love, or not. No one else has been able to bring through Divine Direction, other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. No one else has been able to bring to us this much information, and reveal Divine Truth, other than the Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Namaste, sending you much love and wisdom, The Administration Team of THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL and the GREAT CAEAYARON, MOUNTAIN OF ETERNAL LIGHT, with their ONE Universal Love Messenger, Divine Love Element Blue Star, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Research Suzanna Maria Emmanuel today.