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The New Creation Restoration Day


Welcome to the times of the Universal Love Consciousness Restoration and New Creation Pathway when all truths are being revealed. Like promised by Divine Sovereignty, at last our Sovereign Universal Love Channel is here with us, after 2,000 years of waiting for the messenger to arrive with the Great Father EMMANUEL. At last we can identify truth and how all was purposed to come into existence in universal ways of love only. The Blue Star Promise has come to fruition and the Divine Cosmic Plan is now being revealed before our very eyes. At last the Cosmic speaks through the Messenger. Now we can identify Divine Connection back up to the Cosmos. CAEAYARON connects into the purpose of the Ultimate Universe and how creation began to be formed and the reason for it. It will certainly put you on the edge of your seat when you watch the comical way CAEAYARON brings the consciousness of the people across with songs. Some people will laugh with tears of joy in their eyes, recognizing how CAEAYARON brings this serious conflict issue across to awaken the people to human alignment. Other people may not relate to it as comical but instead they will find more conflict within themselves. All is to be forgiven at this time, is it not? Divine prophecy always stated that the time of the Great Cosmic Alignment would happen which would restore our consciousness and DNA. This could restore our current environment if we diligently want our earth to recover. The question is however: �How many people are willing to be part of this great restoration alignment to come in the near future?� Please don�t forget to check out Suzanna�s Facebook page (, as more articles are posted to give you confirmation of what you are about to hear. Soon a book on Cosmic Alignment to restore mankind�s consciousness based on reasoning and philosophy will become released. Namaste everyone, the Universal Love Team working with the (now since 2020) Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.