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The Original Cosmos Blue Star Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's Transformation- Part 1


Namaste and welcome to the time of the Great Cosmos Awakening. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has been asked by the Universal Love Cosmos Universes to transmit information through in a series of videos to help the people show why she, as the Cosmos Messenger, was sent to planet earth. Please know that part two of this series will soon follow. Suzanna is still working on finalizing the channelled message of part 2 which is also presented to the people in a series of slides, just like part 1. This is to assist many people to understand why Suzanna has been asked to hold Universal Love Alignment LIVE Events to the world, to bring Star Codes of Life Transformations to the people. We welcome all Universal Cosmos Love People back to see how and why the Merkabah energies reduced all universal power, and how and why the Cosmos Blue Sun Alignments, through the Sovereign Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, could bring all Universal Love Frequencies back into creation. Namaste and welcome to the Great Restoration Processes of the Great Awakening DNA with the Cosmos Codes of Life which could bring healing to earth, when many people become activated with the magnetic cosmos power frequencies of Caeayaron, through the Blue Star Emmanuel Cosmos Universal Love Alignment Events. Copyright � 2021 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel� Please also see Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's facebook page. There are many more transmissions on her facebook page. Suzanna's Website Page: For enquiries about the activations or to join our large mailing list, or to find out if a Universal Love Teacher lives in your country, please e-mail us at [email protected]