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The Pathway to Great Love, Spanish translation


Welcome to the GREAT DIVINE ASCENSION TEACHER, the GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT, CAEAYARON who is here to lead the people to the GREAT LOVE DIMENSIONS, if they DESIRE to become Activated into the NEW GRIDS OF LOVE and EMPOWERMENT with HIS Divine Love Element, the ONE who was CHOSEN by the GREAT GALACTIC REALMS to join the GREAT CAEAYARON during the Divine Universal Alignment Activations, who is none other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has worked many millions of lifetimes to help us discover our pathway back home. She was the ONLY ONE who could do this, as she is the ETERNAL BLUE STAR who desires to bring us into LOVE, PEACE and ETERNAL LIFE. She needed to give up all her flows of light to become human so that the GALACTIC LOVE FEDERATIONS could begin to understand our suffering so that they may be compassionate enough towards us to allow the FINAL 13TH GATEWAY OF LIFE AND ALIGNMENT to become opened to us. During this teaching of CAEAYARON, who lovingly brings HIS information through the MASTER DESIGNATED UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, CAEAYARON brings out how she was Jesus, 2,000 years ago who desired to bring us into the Divine Pathway of Alignment with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, but because he was judged wrongly he was unable to bring the DAY OF ALIGNMENT, and instead of being able to bring us into ETERNAL LOVE FREEDOM the people CHOSE to crucify him. This led to the dark ages of mankind. Another 2,000 years would go by before the next COSMIC ALIGNMENT GATEWAY would open to allow the DESIGNATED WORD, the MASTER UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL to rise once again, to help the people to come into the UNIVERSAL ALIGNMENTS, for ONE more opportunity to SEE if the people would CHOOSE for the GREAT LOVE or would they still desire the death of that ONE to happen. This time, like Jesus often discussed with his followers, as he knew it was more than likely he would return as a woman rather than a man, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has RISEN UP to be the WORD and the DESIGNATED MASTER UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL. When people are near her and when they individually and collectively DESIRE the GREAT LOVE within their heart and when they have TRUST in Divine, THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL and the GREAT CAEAYARON open the hearts of the participants at the Divine Alignments and those people feel the FLOWS OF LOVE coming within them. Because of their FAITH and TRUST that the LORD would return with the WORD throughout many of their lifetimes, their heart opens to the GREAT LOVE as a RECOGNITION that they are part of the CHOSEN ones who stand to TESTIFY that Jesus has returned but now he is the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL, not as a man, but as a woman Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Only the ONES who DESIRED to SEE Jesus RISE will recognize the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL during these days. The others, those ones who rejected the PATHWAY to ETERNAL LOVE, both in Lemuria in the times of LAEYARAESEA and again in the times of Jesus, will not desire to see the DESIGNATED UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL rise. They will deny this time is happening and will not desire to see her rise like the Great Prophecies have stated. Namaste, may you find TRUE LOVE and DEDICATION in your heart, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who DESIRE the ETERNAL LOVE to come to the ones who DESIRE peace within themselves and PEACE for all of mankind. For more information and regular posts with incredible spiritual information you can investigate in your own time, please visit: