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The Power Rising Within The New Earth Grids


Welcome to the teachings of CAEAYARON, MASTER OF MAGNETIC FORCES, FLOWS & SACRED ALIGNMENTS. HE greets HIS viewers and states how important it is to understand that The Great Mountain of Light' is rising in the grids to bring more light from the higher heavens, through the Universal Star Light Grid Programmer, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. HE then asks; Will you desire the higher or the lower pathway? HE discusses these following points: * The great sacrifice of the Universal Star Light Grid Programmer, and how she brought down her light through her multidimensional pathways, also through ADAMA and down into the human realms, and then she climbed back up again through the same pathway in between her many lifetimes, to create the Violet Flame for the purpose of healing the pain frequencies she felt during her lifetimes to awaken the Lemurians. * How the Violet Flame from the Divine Love Element, Universal Star Light Grid Programmer needed to reach into the abyss where CAEAYARON (KRYON) was held to free HIM. * KRYON (CAEAYARON) states in this teaching how the DIVINE LOVE ELEMENT, Awakened me in the Violet Flame bit by bit as I remembered her. I (KRYON) was imprisoned (after the Great Fall of Lemuria) and as I, (KRYON) woke up, I began to heal the pain frequencies I was held into. * What did KRYON say to the one who imprisoned HIM, in the Cave of Wo, within the dark abyss? Discover for yourself. * Why the KRYON codes were important to be claimed back by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (in 2014) and why now HE, as CAEAYARON, can awaken all who desire to rise into the Great Love. * CAEAYARON explains the importance of the two channels, the one who claimed the KRYON CODES after the Great Fall of Lemuria, and HIS Divine Love Element, the Gateway of Life, who is the Universal Light Grid Programmer. * Why HIS Universal Light Grid Programmer can bring through the higher light into the earth grids as she was the only one to be able to rise into the higher love dimensions and back to the lower earth in between her lifetimes. * Why Lemuria was so important to the Love Realms after everything became destroyed, and why LAEYARAESEA needed to come into Lemuria to bring through the highest love rays from her Blue Angel self, as her Blue Angel self connects into the High UNIVERSAL LOVE GRIDS of the GREAT SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL. * In her human lifetimes she needed to claim all the lost codes back of the Lemurians, to help them rise back to the love dimensions. This is why it is now important to become reactivated within those same Codes of Life, to be able to rise back to the higher love dimensional grids. * The higher Divine Activations are coming, and CAEAYARON brings out their importance, as they are the Power Grid Activations rising within the New Earth Grids. * Why the Galactic Federations desire to work with those, who become Activated with CAEAYARON, in the New Power Grids. What will they desire to work with when they work with the Great Collective? * Why it is necessary to come back into the Life Codes upon this planet, as it necessary to reach the higher dimensional growth upon the earth. This cannot happen outside of the earth. Why can CAEAYARON only work with the Blue Angel, Universal Star Light Grid Programmer on this level? * The massive growth coming to the Divine Activator upon the earth, who is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as she will take on the great light to allow the higher Earth Grids to grow. CAEAYARON explains why this is necessary and how important it is for the people to receive those New Rays of growth within. * CAEAYARON describes the great work coming after 2032 as all of humanity needs to rise into the greater love, so that the planet can exist in all future lifetimes, and so that the people can grow into greater love in all future lifetimes. Only those ones who receive their Codes of Life back during the Great Alignment of now to 2032 can go into the higher Lemurian Gateways of Love. Those gateways of love are the 12 Sovereign Universes. * Why it is necessary to bring the earth into a whole new band, at this time? What is its greater purpose? * The greater work coming to teach the people to become of love, what is it? * Why can CAEAYARON state that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel never truly became part of the human race? Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Ascension Channel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, The Word and Author for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, and the Great Caeayaron, The Eternal Mountain of Light. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information.