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The Red Star Resistance weakened Life Force


Welcome to the teachings of Universal Love. In this teaching Suzanna Maria Emmanuel brings through Universal Divine Love Guidance from the Great Creators: Universal Love (Sovereign Father Emmanuel) and Magnetic Creation Force (The Great Caeayaron) The Great Father Emmanuel explains when all fell away from Universal Ultimate Truth, all fell into spiritual death. This means a new alignment needed to be created, to allow all to rise back into Ultimate Universal Truth. This means ONE needed to come from the Sovereign Spaces, to be with mankind to allow the Gateway of Creation to be created, to allow the people to understand the way up. The Great Caeayaron brings through Messianic Alignment Importance, and what the Throne of the New Creation Gateway truly meant. Why was it given to the ONE Sovereign Universal Love Channel? What was her task in the greater universes, and how was the Universal Love Channel strengthened? How did the Blue Star shine upon the people, but why could it not shine directly on the people? What did the Blue Star do to help the Sovereign Love to strengthen and create further strength and love within? Please watch to discover more. You will also find more information at