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The Road to Spiritual Freedom


Namaste and welcome to the New Transformation and Restoration Teachings from Sovereign Father Emmanuel with the Cosmos Ambassador who always was the original Word and Sovereign Universal Love Channel from Divine Love. Please join Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for this teaching, as she is the Sovereign Universal Love Channel for Divine Love. Before Sovereign Father Emmanuel begins to transmit information through HIS Word (meaning of Divine Word relates to: Sovereign Cosmos Messenger sent directly from the Cosmos by Divine Love to show mankind the way forward to peace, wisdom and a greater path of security), viewers can see how Suzanna works without being in enormously deep trance levels. Suzanna begins by introducing herself and her Divine mission and speaks about why she was called to Divine Service in 2009 by Sovereign Father Emmanuel and by Caeayaron in 2014. Please know that on the same evening of the transmission, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel also transmitted through Divine Wisdom from Caeayaron, Magnetic Master of Sovereign Universal Love Alignments with frequencies to help the awakening of mankind to expand. As well as, following Caeayaron�s teaching, Guatrama Pleiadian Scientist also came through with a cosmos transmission from the Cosmos Pleiadian Realms of Universal Love. All these teachings are important for our intellectual spiritual knowledge base to allow mankind�s journey to continue. Please note that the Sovereign Universal Love Channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, will directly post up the two other channelled transmissions on her own private YouTube channel for people to watch. Please know that Suzanna Maria Emmanuel does not ask for money for these movies as she does this work privately and voluntary. She works for herself at this point in time and does not work with a larger establishment yet. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel has had no former training to produce movies, but she is guided by higher Galactic Coding because she has Divine Guidance who send light signals to her on earth. She has an ability to follow those signals because her own brain frequencies focus on star fields of energy. This is why her guides are able to keep sending her vital information to allow Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to transmit information through on new cosmos love fields of frequencies. Namaste, sending all who watch Universal Love Waves from Divine Love, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I am the Galactic Cosmos Transmitter for Divine Star Love Frequencies to help mankind move forward to becoming a peaceful race. Copyright � 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel� Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. All information is copyright protected to protect against any alterations of the Global Ascension Programme or the written transmissions or the meaning of the information. Thank you for wanting to be part of healing the earth by distributing the information. Please find Suzanna on her own Divine Love Ascension Facebook page at: Please find Suzanna's own website page at: Please find many other of Suzanna's transmissions on her own YouTube channel