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The Secret Chambers of Knowledge Opened


Namaste and welcome to the beautiful Sacred Teachings of Universal Love, with CAEAYARON & SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL, who transmit their Sacred and Divine Love through their Chosen Woman. This Woman was the ONE Universal Keeper of Secrets who always held that sacred position in the Great Sovereign Universal Love Dimensions, well before earth began. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL also comes through briefly, once CAEAYARON completes his Divine Universal Love teaching, with a meditation that True Universal Love Seekers will enjoy greatly. But who was The Woman? Why was she selected to hold the Sacred Knowledge of Divine Universal Truth? What was she connected into? Why was she held outside the grids of the Sovereign Universes with her Sacred Light Body? What did the Sovereign Universal Leaders store within her Sacred Chambers of Truth, Love, and Knowledge? Why was this so important to them? Why did the Sacred ONE need to come into the pits of the earth, after all had plunged deep into the deep abyss of darkness? What rescue mission was she assigned to do, and who sent her? What did it all have to do with the Coding of Life? Did she really live the lifetime of Jesus, 2,000 years ago? If so, what was his Universal Message of Truth, Love, and Wisdom? What did he transmit through with THE GREAT SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL? What were the Great Secrets of the Treasures of Life? Please watch this exciting episode of the Eternal Treasures of Life, and Freedom, transmitted by The Sacred Woman who always held the Secrets within her. You can find more information on