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The time of examintation is here


Welcome to the teachings of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. It is the time to allow all to become seen and for all to become examined. We are finally here at the time when we can learn to understand how truth is being revealed. This is called the Time of the Restoration when all is being revealed before us. What needs to be put right needs to be put right. What needs to be seen will become seen, as this is the time of the Great Sun Consciousness when the people will awaken to all that is happening within the world. In this particular teaching you will find THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL brings out information on how Jesus grew up with the knowledge that he was HIS Designated Messenger. Jesus found it extremely difficult to live with the responsibility of having to be The Messenger for THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL because the task to be that Sacred Channel is enormous and he found it to be a large burden. To prepare Jesus for the great task ahead he needed to first learn to understand the spiritual foundations so that later he could build upon the knowledge with THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL states in this teaching that ONE WAY has been given with ONE CHANNEL, and in those days, the ONE WAY was through the ONE CHANNEL Jesus. Today, THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL has returned and now the ONE CHANNEL HE chooses to work through is the Sacred Messenger, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who has been asked to take the Divine Universal Activations with CAEAYARON and THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, SOVEREIGN CREATOR. The Universal Divine Alignments are to help us align upwards to our greater pathway which is what Jesus explored with the people but at that time, 2,000 years ago, he could not fulfill The Alignment which was promised to the people of the love in Israel. Instead of Jesus being able to carry on aligning his Universal Love Channel at that time, he was crucified and he was too much in pain afterwards to create the pathway upwards. Know, however, that he survived that day of the crucifixion and then went on a boat to England to open the Gateway of Life. That is why, Jesus stressed to his followers of the importance to stay awake until the day when the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL would return with The Messenger. Upon that day when THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL WOULD return with that ONE channel (which is happening now, with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), that it was time to awaken to the messages. It is now we are receiving further direction, with a structured understanding from CAEAYARON and THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, to allow us to understand what to do so that we can find the higher pathway of love. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL reasons with us to help us understand the way of Divine Alignment and that all is being examined at this time. HE states in HIS message that there are many who will claim they are working with the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, but they are not. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL talks about the Great Spiritual Treasures, like HE did with Jesus, but now we can truly understand what those spiritual treasures are and how we can gain those treasures to help us gain true freedom. Please watch this incredible teaching. We are certain you will enjoy it tremendously. Namaste, sending you much love, blessings and healing flows, always, The Administration Team of Caeayaron, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the Designated Channel for Divine Realms. Please check out the facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for more information on the truth on Jesus. Much is there to be discovered at this time.