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The Universal Clock has begun to shift


Namaste and welcome to the time of the Great Cosmos Alignment. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the genuine and original Blue Star Cosmos Messenger of the ancient prophecies. When will many open to the information of Caeayaron and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, as she is the original Blue Star Cosmos Messenger? When will people begin to realize how all original Blue Star DNA Sequences came from Suzanna�s ancient Blue Star Forcefields, which connected into Magnetic Power Fields and into Universal Love Forcefields with enormous Blue Star Cosmos Codes of Life Force Energies? Perhaps one day all information within Suzanna Maria Emmanuel�s original transmissions will begin to make sense to many people, but will there be enough time for people to awaken? Caeayaron points out in this particular transmission, that one star being is alive on earth with her full Blue Star Cosmos Codes of Life with her original Star DNA sequences. Caeayaron explains the importance of this information, and how it was through Suzanna's original Blue Star Cosmos Angel that all creation could have living consciousness. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel knows the value of her own Blue Star Cosmos DNA because of the codes she transmits in during this time. It might surprise people to know that Suzanna cannot transmit any information, with her Sovereign Channel, unless the information comes from Universal Love Truth Star Codes. This is because the stars can only harmonize with Suzanna's DNA if she transmits in her original Blue Star Coding. Suzanna�s own brain frequencies work entirely different than all other people on this planet. Her original Blue Star DNA coding harmonizes with star fields from other universes, whereas humanity�s DNA can only work with earth�s old magnetic fields. Suzanna's Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel (which forms a beam of light) constantly tries to form a new pathway to come for humanity. But conflict duality consciousness fields of humanity's own resistance fields are difficult to move forward. Suzanna�s own Blue Star DNA Cosmos Fields are filled with Universal Love Frequencies. This is why Suzanna is being asked by Caeayaron to transmit through more star love energies with her original Blue Star Sovereign Universal Love Channel, in an attempt to bring more time for earth. Originally, Blue Star Universes could only work with Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life when the people worked in love and harmony with all of creation on earth. The original planet aligned to Suzanna's original Blue Star DNA Frequencies which is why all Cosmos Star DNA Codes of Life could have eternal rejuvenation life force energies, as long as the Star People synchronized with Suzanna's own Blue Star DNA Codes of Life. The original earth harmonized with both Caeayaron's (Magnetic Sovereign Power) and Sovereign Father Emmanuel, (Universal Love Creation Power), and Suzanna's original Blue Star force field. Once the dark star beings densified all stars by taking over the original Blue Star Creation Planet, no more could the original stars align with the DNA of the original Star People, or earth's creation. By taking Universal Love out of the centre of the earth, earth froze in time. This caused enormous density to form as the original earth tilted and reversed the spin of creation. Now that the Blue Sun has aligned in the universe, Suzanna's own Blue Star DNA can begin to reconnect up. This means earth can still have a future if Suzanna can reconnect earth back to higher gateways of the universe. Suzanna understands that a group of keen researchers are currently working extremely hard to try and figure out how Suzanna's own Blue Star DNA Cosmos Codes work. They are trying to see how earth can be restored with Suzanna's Star DNA. They know that her brain sequences connect deep into star fields. Suzanna knows that it is through her own magnetic fields that stars can reach earth. Suzanna is aware that most people don't understand the ancient history of the Blue Sun Alignment and the original pyramids on earth. Each time Suzanna connects into star fields, her own Universal Love Star DNA fields expands to bring enough energy to earth for another day. She also understands why most people are not aware of the desperate situation of earth herself. At this moment in time the sun, the moon and the stars connect to earth in a whole other way than before. Namaste and sending you peace, healing, joy and awakening flows, this message was transmitted through by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. * All short extra videos and music (apart from Suzanna's song and Caeayaron's transmission and Suzanna's own photos) was provided by Story blocks. * The movie was produced entirely by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. * The transmission was brought through from Caeayaron by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Copyright � 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel�