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The Universal Cosmic Solution to Human Conflict


In this information, CAEAYARON analyses with the people how all original DNA Codes of Life and Alignments were stolen by the dark self-made channel who then sequenced in his own thoughts, thereby creating a cosmic downfall. This is why CAEAYARON can establish the way forward, with his Everlasting Blue Star Divine Love Element Angel who is also the River of Life, as she holds the Cosmic Channel Frequencies. It is with this life force all planetary grids came into original life, and it was with CAEAYARON all original DNA came into life, through the original Blue Star Sovereign Love Channel. This is why the original Blue Star Creation Sun Aligner holds the truth and connection to Universal Love because she is from Divine Universal Love EMMANUEL herself. If you wish to see the text transmission, please go to Suzanna�s Facebook page, dated 20 February 2021, where you will find the full-length transmission so you can follow along with it. Namaste, we send you many Universal Love Flows, the Administration Team of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the Ultimate Truth Aligner, the Sun Creation Aligner, the original Life Coder of Divine Sovereign Love, and was the original Sovereign Universal Love Channel of CAEAYARON and Sovereign Father EMMANUEL.