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The Way Back to Universal Love - 30th April 2022


Namaste and welcome back to the teachings of Caeayaron. Long it has been since the pathway of Ultimate Truth was shown on this planet. Each time Caeayaron called the Universal Light Grid Programmer (who Caeayaron, as well as Sovereign Father Emmanuel has identified as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel) to earth to gain more frequencies of Universal Love back, Caeayaron Magnetic Forces, gained more power to bring humanity towards a new pathway. This is why now a whole new pathway of restoration and new creation can begin but only if the right people awaken to these messages on time. Now that the Universal Love Channel has won all Caeayaron's coding, she herself has been able to realign back to her former Sovereign Universal Love Channel self. This is why now her own original Blue Star Angel has reconnected into Suzanna's Universal Light Electromagnetic Field to restore Suzanna's Blue Star Angel Cosmos Coding. This is why both forces of Caeayaron (Magnetic Forces) and Sovereign Father Emmanuel (Universal Love) are able to establish a New Creation Pathway for humanity to come; if the right people awaken to these messages and recognize the pathway of Ultimate Truth. But, Caeayaron reasons with the people, how long will it be before many will awaken to the importance of their own Sun Consciousness Alignment (which can only happen when they themselves receive their own New Creation Cosmos Codes of Life back with Suzanna's own Sovereign Cosmos Alignment, which could only happen at the Universal Love Activation Events) to allow a new pathway to come? This is the pathway back to Universal Love Consciousness. Both Sovereign Father Emmanuel, as well as Caeayaron explain in these messages, that Universal Love Consciousness is the vital Creation Force which can change the scene of the world, as Universal Creation Love Power has the ability to be strong enough to bring Restoration and Re-creation to earth and humanity. This message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to broadcast to all people, across the world, that a way out of dense duality conflict is possible, but only if the right amount of people awaken to the importance of these messages. Namaste, sending all who watch Universal Love Waves from Divine Love, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I am the Galactic Cosmos Transmitter for Divine Star Love Frequencies to help mankind move forward to becoming a peaceful race. Copyright � 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel� Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. All information is copyright protected to protect against any alterations of the Global Ascension Programme or the written transmissions or the meaning of the information. Thank you for wanting to be part of healing the earth by distributing the information. Please find Suzanna on her own Divine Love Ascension Facebook page at: Please find Suzanna's own website page at: Please find many other of Suzanna's transmissions on her own YouTube channel