Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

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The Way To Eternal Freedom and Love


Welcome to the teachings of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. Suzanna Maria Emmanuel begins the teachings by introducing herself and the times we are living in. She says this time is about Learning to stand and celebrate in the love together and remember what love is. She explains how Jesus, 2,000 years ago also worked with SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, and in 2009 SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT approached her and asked her to work with HIM. She was told by HIM, at that time, that she lived the lifetime of Jesus and asked Divine to keep it a secret until it was absolutely necessary to reveal it to the public. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT brings out these following parts, so please listen to this lesson to help you understand this teaching greater. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT states how HE always promised to return with the Sacred Word. HE would return for the ones who desire the higher ways of love. How the people understood the significance of Jesus as the Sacred Word and Messenger 2,000 years ago. Why THE GREAT FATHER said to the people that all answers are within the heart, and how it is within the silence you awaken to Divine Truth. When the people asked when THE GREAT FATHER would return, the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL stated that HE would come when the people were ready to step together as one to learn the GREAT LOVE. HE asked them Who would have the desire to return to the GREAT LOVE at that time? THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL brought out how important it is to love each other and why it is important to understand the Messenger of Love, who was Jesus during those days. The people were promised eternal freedom if they would learn to love each day and love their brothers and sisters. HE brings out how all things became so twisted about the truth of Jesus and that he never was to be worshipped and never stated he was the Great Ascended Master. Why THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL now works with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and why Suzanna Maria Emmanuel can work in the love higher than when she worked as Jesus, 2,000 years ago, because Jesus needed to open up the Gateway of Life. He could never reach the state of being the Universal Light Grid Programmer during his lifetime. How important it is to understand why THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL has gifted the people CAEAYARON as the GREAT ALIGNER; to bring the people upwards into the higher love dimensions. It is only with the gifts from CAEAYARON that the people can receive the Sacred Gifts and then the GREAT FATHER can multiply those gifts. HE states; I can bless that love and multiply your gifts, but first you must have that love within you. About the Channel Suzanna Maria Emmanuel: In 2009, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was approached by SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT. She began to channel HIS messages a few months later in front of groups. In 2009, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT gave Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the understanding that she was Jesus 2,000 years ago. At that time, Suzanna did not desire the people to understand this until it could no longer remain hidden. In 2014, she was approached by 'Kryon,' and in 2015, CAEAYARON (Kryon) began to bring through the Divine Activations with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, who was always HIS Divine Love Element, Universal Light Programmer, Laeyaraesea, in Ancient Lemuria. in 2016, CAEAYARON (Kryon) introduced his true name and purpose through Suzanna, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel was always HIS authentic channel, as well as the channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT in her past lifetimes when she was asked to work with Divine Purpose. Please also see Suzanna's Facebook Page filled with Divine Guidance and for more information. To receive The Book, in two volumes, of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, The Living Words of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, Walking the Path of Life, please visit