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Ultimate Universal Truth, the importance of it


Welcome to the Time of the Great Messianic Cosmic Alignment. This is the time that was foretold would happen, which could end up changing all of civilization like we know. First, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel brings a presentation to you to help you understand, briefly, the Divine Universal Pathway of Life and what CAEAYARON's teachings are about. You will receive information on how the Sovereign Universes operated in Collective Love and then also begin to grasp more how karma came within the pure hearts of the people and how they received it. Then, the main teachings begin. First you will see Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on video, speaking about this time of the Cosmic Alignment. Then SOVEREIGN FATHER EMMANUEL begins to speak through her. HE explains to the people how she, like Jesus, speaks with HIS Voice and HE states very clearly why the channel is the Chosen Word for HIM and that there is no other Voice for Divine Love, other than The Word. When you watch the video you will find out why HE states that. CAEAYARON follows and brings through the sacredness of these times and why we can be grateful to receive Universal Knowledge. CAEAYARON points out how valuable Universal Truth is, and the power of it. Why would the darkness NOT desire us to understand Universal Truth at this time? Why would they want to keep Ultimate Universal Truth top secret? What is some of the reasoning behind teachings not of Universal Truth. Why would they mimic the Ultimate Pathway of Life?