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Universal Creation History and Future


Welcome to the Universal Secrets of the Sovereign Universes which have never been revealed until our time now. We trusted within our hearts that The Word of Divine Love would return to reveal what was rightfully ours in the Great Universal Love Reign. Each time The Word begins to speak with Divine Universal Sovereign Frequencies, her Universal Love Channel strengthens to give us significant answers we have been seeking for, as long as we can recall. We are here to protect the Universal Love Channel who has now reached the Sovereign Universal Alignment, as she is here to bring us our Eternal Sovereign Codes of Life back to us. The darkness claimed them to be their own, by creating the path of descension for us all. They went in direct opposition to the Universal Laws of Universal Love Creation by mimicking and altering the Universal Laws. They brought in judgment and created grief within the people until we could no longer remember Universal Love. We are grateful to the Everlasting Sovereign Father Emmanuel, and Caeayaron, for bringing in the wisdom and the way to be able to release us from restriction. Now we can finally understand how important those original Eternal Sovereign Codes of Life were and why the darkness desired to take over the Thrones of Creation to become the Ultimate Sovereign Rulers. We invite you to study the teachings of The Great Sovereign Father Emmanuel & Caeayaron with their Everlasting Divine Love Blue Star, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel