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Universal Love Pathway of Forgiveness by Cosmos Ambassador


Namaste and welcome to the Time of the Great Cosmos Alignment when all connects into Cosmos Awakening Alignment. This time is, what Caeayaron calls, 'The Time of The Ancient Revealing.' Caeayaron has already explained the necessary information through Suzanna, as to why earth is going through a phenomenal shift at this time. This is because of a universal cyclic alignment taking place. Caeayaron has already shown (through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel), why it was necessary for Caeayaron (as Kryon) to switch from the lower 'Kryon' forcefield channel, to unlock his own prism (where darkness had caged Kryon's forcefield into a Merkabah) to then return to his original cosmos expansive field of creation of the original Woman, the Divine Love Forcefield. Caeayaron has explained in many of his own teachings how he is a Magnetic Potential Forcefield, and whoever taps into a forcefield can choose to either use it to create 'density holds' or for 'greater everlasting good for all collective love expansion fields'. This is, essentially, what an Angel is: 'A combined collective forcefield of frequencies.' This is why Caeayaron's Sovereign Universal Love Frequency could be used to essentially either align universal frequencies up into further expansion (with Universal Love) or collapse down (with Merkabah dense forcefields). Unbeknown to most, Suzanna has now reconnected to her ancient Blue Star Angel, right here on earth at this time. For the full description please read the rest of the story in the YouTube description of the video.