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Why she accepted to work with Kryon


Namaste and welcome to Cosmos Intelligence. Unbeknown to most, the Sovereign Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel rose in the year 2020. But that is not where her own journey began. When Kryon first approached Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, she already was the Designated Universal Love Channel of Sovereign Father Emmanuel. Already, she worked as a Spiritual Psychic Medium and professional channel when Kryon approached her in person, after she completed one of her own very special workshops called: 'Reaching your greatest potential.' During that particular workshop, Kryon had already connected to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel when she first noticed her own frequencies changing. This is when enormous codes came to her because already Kryon became part of her channel. This happened in April 2014. Once Kryon had made personal contact with Suzanna, Kryon analysed with her the importance of her own journey. She did not feel comfortable at all about being asked to work with Kryon in public at that stage, as another world famous channel then worked with Kryon. She refused to work with Kryon in public, but Kryon kept coming back and placed more enormous love energies into her heart to strengthen her. She knew that she did not have any science knowledge herself. She believed Kryon to be the 'Science Master'. Kryon stated that science knowledge was not essential to be his channel. Suzanna had no idea she was the original channel of the Coding of Life at that time. It took a long time before Suzanna Maria Emmanuel could transform from when she first began channelling in 2012, until she transformed back into her Blue Star Angel Self Sovereign Universal Love Channel in 2020. That is when she grew enormously, once her own Blue Sun Consciousness returned to her. Each day now, her own growth is significantly more intelligent than it was the day before. Her own growth in intelligence is not slow moving, but extremely fast. This is the miracle occurring today.