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Why Universal Love is Creation Power


Welcome to the Universal Love Channel of Cosmos Intelligence with Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. A very long time ago, Suzanna was asked by Cosmos Divine Love, The Sovereign Father EMMANUEL, to connect to the original Cosmos People who were lost in the tunnel of density. Please view this channelled transmission to find out why density came to earth, and why the people became sick and experienced colossal pain and suffering on our earth. Discover how enormous Universal Love Power Star Fields of the original Sovereign Universal Love Cosmos People were eaten by a dark selfish channel who refused to understand or believe in the original Sovereign Power of Universal Love. After he challenged the minds of some of the strongest original Sovereign Universal Love Leaders, they saw his small mind filled with density. This weakened their minds, as their original minds were enormously large, and to gain enough intelligence to understand his reasoning they needed to limit their own minds. This was a new perspective of consciousness for them, as they were originally enormously intelligent. Original Star Universal Light Bodies were not like limited human electromagnetic fields. Star Cosmic Fields were like lights in all the Sovereign Realms of Universal Love. They lit up the sky with their might. But once they focused on the possibility of suffering conflict consciousness that the dark selfish star being called great and wonderous, their own brain frequencies sucked into the depth of his low conflict thought consciousness field of density. As a result, they fell into his mind of gravity and connected into his own small earth. Only Universal Love Cosmos Fields have the answer that millions of people are looking for today. But time is short for this planet. Will the fields of earth continue to accept the small dense electromagnetic fields of the people? The transition to the new magnetic fields has just begun. The Cosmos Codes of Life work on the fields of light of the people who are Universal Love Activated with Caeayaron with the Sovereign Universal Love Channel of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Because Suzanna�s Blue Star Angel has now reconnected to her own Universal Love electromagnetic fields, the activated are dancing within her own Blue Star Universal Love Fields. Their fields grow larger because they are connected to Suzanna�s Fields of Universal Love. When will the people realize that this is part of the New Creation Science Field? Please watch this movie and also see how Suzanna Maria Emmanuel brings her broadcast about spiritual encouragement at the end. This message was transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to broadcast to all people, across the world, that a way out of dense duality conflict is possible, but only if the right amount of people awaken to the importance of these messages. Namaste, sending all who watch Universal Love Waves from Divine Love, my name is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. I am the Galactic Cosmos Transmitter for Divine Star Love Frequencies to help mankind move forward to becoming a peaceful race. Copyright � 2022 Suzanna Maria Emmanuel� Please feel free to share this information of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel to other people. All information is copyright protected to protect against any alterations of the Global Ascension Programme or the written transmissions or the meaning of the information. Thank you for wanting to be part of healing the earth by distributing the information. Please find Suzanna on her own Divine Love Ascension Facebook page at: Please find Suzanna's own website page at: Please find many other of Suzanna's transmissions on her own YouTube channel.