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Why your codes of Life need purification to help you align


Welcome to the teachings of CAEAYARON, who is the Eternal Balancer, Aligner and the Builder of Light Flows. CAEAYARON is the Eternal Cosmic Judge, Revealing Truth and Upholding Divine Cosmic Laws of the Universe. CAEAYARON was not able to stop the descension from happening as too many decided that it was possible that Thoth and Yahweh were right; that separation and restriction was more empowering than the Great Collective Choice. It would not be until our own Alignment, during the 13th Gateway, that we would be able to decipher the highest way of Ascension; being in the dense grids, or being in the Eternal Love Grids of the Great Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON. We could not truly understand the difference between what was the highest gateway of Universal Love and Balance until CAEAYARON brought out the teachings through his ONLY Universal Love Channel, who he has claimed as his true, authentic channel. No other will he work with to do the Great Life and Light Code Work as that ONE has worked with CAEAYARON and the GREAT GALACTIC FEDERATION LEADERS to PURIFY our Codes of Life, which became heavily tainted with karma in the dense dark matrix of Thoth and Yahweh who claimed to be the 'enlightened ones' or gods. CAEAYARON brings out the importance of becoming Activated with his Divine Love Element Pathway as she holds all the Keys of Life, or the Codes of Life within her Blue Star Self on the higher dimensional Universal Grids of Empowerment. The Blue Star on the Universal Love multidimensional level is none other than the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. We can identify the true Love Channel by the frequencies of empowerment when we listen to her and also when we are in the presence of her Divine Channel being opened at the Divine Activations. The darkness did not desire her to be able to connect into her Blue Star Multidimensional Self during this lifetime of the Great Cosmic Alignment. If she did so, it would mean that our Alignment could come; provided we become Activated back into our Codes of Life which we lost as a Great Collective during the fall of consciousness during the times of Lemuria. When the Great Collective chose to work with Thoth and the Kryon channel our Codes of Life became Codes of Death and thus we fell into the abyss of Wo where we no longer could rise back into power. Instead of becoming empowered with collective love, the dark leaders enslaved us to keep us away from our true power. This is why CAEAYARON is here, to help free us, which he can only do through the ONE who was sent to this dimension to work with him to Activate people back into their Codes of Life. The question is however: 'Will we desire to awaken and become Activated?' When we become activated we also set our greater multidimensional selves free, as that is our true alignment. In this teaching, CAEAYARON will explain to you how important it is to begin to understand your greater purpose here on the earth. Please write note references down to help you piece all information together. Each lesson CAEAYARON brings through connects into the next one. CAEAYARON is bringing the story of the Great Universe through in series of lessons. Now we are learning about the importance of the restructuring of our greater love universes more and how all is becoming rebalanced. We are also learning how peace and love can become part of our world. Soon, a great collective will come to Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who have studied these teachings, and the frequencies of the UNIVERSAL LOVE CHANNEL. They understand that this is the Divine Alignment now, and they understand that becoming actively involved with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel all of consciousness can shift that will eventually remove all darkness and unbalance from the dark matrix to allow the higher grids of the New Earth to become more established. This is the importance of the 13th Gateway which is the time of the Great Atonement and the Great Purification, and the Great Altering to allow all upon the earth to become balanced and restored back to original purpose; that of evolution with peace, love and stability growing collectively in the Great Love. No one other than CAEAYARON has ever explained the greater purpose of the Great Universe and no other channel, other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, exists on this planet who can channel high Universal Frequencies like she can. She has demonstrated ultimate dedication over the last 10 years to allow her strength to grow and will continue to do so, all to help us understand our own Divine Alignment Process and how we can become freed with our Codes of Alignment, should we desire and BECOME Activated with CAEAYARON. Namaste, may you find TRUE LOVE and DEDICATION in your heart, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who DESIRE the ETERNAL LOVE to come to the ones who DESIRE peace within themselves and PEACE for all of mankind.