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Will you be a part of the Great Alignment


A Komo Ha Halima from HALISARIUS, Chief Pleiadian Leader and Chief Galactic Light Federation Commander from the Universal Love Foundations. Please listen to this Divine Teaching as HALISARIUS discusses the Great Universal Alignment time. You will hear that the Great Federations Leaders of Light are happy with the Universal Love Channel, their Galactic Star Universal Light Grid Programmer because she has completed her great mission of purifying the Codes of Life to allow the Great Alignment to happen. HALISARIUS brings out the importance of this time of the Great Alignment, so please view this teaching if you desire to be part of the Great Alignment Shift to happen. HALISARIUS has explained in past teachings that it has been difficult to gain the agreement from the other leaders to cooperate with him, but now that the Great Alignment is happening, they all desire the Great Divine Alignment to happen. You are most welcome to watch the many other teachings through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is here to broadcast Divine Truth Alignment with Universal Divine Masters. It is through CAEAYARON, who is the Divine Love Truth Aligner, that you will hear the Universal Story being spoken, to help guide you back to your own Alignment if you desire that to happen for you. You will learn about the Codes of Life and the importance of them, and how in Lemuria you worked in the high love frequencies before falling to dense human consciousness when the great numbers turned against the Great Mountain of Light, CAEAYARON, who worked together with the Divine Love Element then also, like HE does today. Namaste, sending you much love always, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel