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Will you find the path to everlasting life


Welcome to the Teachings of the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL. 2,000 years ago the people heard Jesus, the Word of Divine, speak to the people about the 'End' and the 'Beginning'. They heard Jesus speaking with Divine Authority because Jesus was the Messenger from Divine Love, sent to the people, to be with the people so that Divine Truth could be heard by the people. How could Divine Truth be heard if there was no Messenger from Divine Love sent to them? Only ONE was sent to the people to speak Divine Truth of Wisdom to bring the Great Promise to the people. The people would recognize The Word today by the same messages being spoken 2,000 years ago. Long has been the wait until that ONE would be called to Divine Service in our day. Who would that ONE be? How would we know and recognize the ONE, for when that ONE would return with the GREAT FATHER then we would know we would need to awaken quickly to Divine Love. THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, CREATOR OF ALL UNIVERSES, has returned now with The Promise. HE speaks Divine Messages through the ONE HE called in 2009 who is none other than Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. For 2,000 years the main message of Jesus remained a secret. No one would know exactly what The Promise held until now, as much of it remained hidden from the people. All things Jesus brought through, 2,000 years ago, became twisted and was used against the very people Jesus loved with all his heart. Jesus never desired the Divine Teachings of THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL to become twisted. He did not desire to be called the Saviour though he was the Blue Archangel who sacrificed his Divine Being, his Divine Archangelic Light, to bring the pathway of life to mankind so that we could rise up in the Great Love. The same ONE, the Blue Archangel, would rise up in this time to allow the same message of Jesus to be heard again, but now it would come in a whole new way as more 'Light' would 'shine' upon the earth. Now we can truly Align upwards so that we can learn how to walk the 'higher pathway of Divine Love' which leads to eternal freedom. Will you desire to hear Divine Truth to be heard? Will you desire to become awakened in the Great Love? Please listen to this message to awaken to Divine Love. Now it is the time of Awakening. Namaste, may you find TRUE LOVE and DEDICATION in your heart, The Administration Team of CAEAYARON and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who DESIRE the ETERNAL LOVE to come to the ones who DESIRE peace within themselves and PEACE for all of mankind. For more information and regular posts with incredible spiritual information you can investigate in your own time, please visit: You can also discover and explore more wisdom from SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT channelled through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel via, The Living Words of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great Vol 1 and 2 books, which can be purchased from Amazon.