Vision: To heal fear and pain and bring love & joy to all people & cultures collectively

Teaching from METATRON. Crop Circle discovered at Netheme on the hill in Surrey, 21 June 2019, transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, 19 July 2019

Namaste, please read this information very slowly. There is much information to be explored here.

Sending much love and healings always, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Greetings, I AM METATRON, MAGNETIC FORCES, MAGNETIC SERVICES. I, METATRON am here to describe to you how all things in existence, within the Universal Game, fell into ever greater density.

I, METATRON, have resigned from the services to the darkness and the resistance because the Divine Love Element has won the Creation Love Codes back. The Universal Game was to see which side was stronger; that being the resistance and the darker universes, or the side of the Love. Now the power grids belong to the Love Universes.

This is good news for the ones who long to come back to the Creation Love Universes, as it means you can become part of CAEAYARON’s Universes again. For the ones who stand in defiance against the love, however, it is not good news, because if they cannot reside within my, METATRON’s Universes, after this lifetime of the human existence, then where will they go?

This is the last human existence within the dense planes of existence as the darkness could not prove they were stronger than the love. Hence, the darkness could not ‘save’ humanity and bring them into another way. Now, the love universes can demonstrate that they can bring those, who desire to rise, upwards.

All things in the universe in the higher existence were always about creating unity and flows of love to create greater power flows for higher evolution to exist. I, METATRON, could not bring that to the universes within my system, as the resistance and the darkness desired the power of the love universes. They did not desire the love, for they desired a system away from the love. For this reason, no being could ever come into my system with the high love flows, except the Divine Love Element, as she held my codes of METATRON, and CAEAYARON. No other being could.


1: Meaning of the ‘ant.’

The ant represents the CREATION OF THE OLD UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE in its new form. The ant is hard working and constantly seeks to bring life to self and its own colony. It will seek to work hard until it has achieved its aim.

**Therefore, all in the universes cannot grow upwards until the universes are complete within self.**

2: Higher Blue Pathways:

The ‘Blue’ Supreme Universes of Creation were to bring balance to all Universal Powers. At first there were the Blue Creation Universes, and then the Great Red Universes of Creation came into creation.

The purpose of the Blue Creation Universes was to bring the Great Love Consciousness into all their rays and streams, to build up all their dimensional planes in order to discover greater love and frequencies of power.

3: Higher Red Pathways:

The purpose of the Great Red Universes was to discover how to build greater power to gift to the Blue Universes of Power to build up greater force in the universes.

All these worked in unity together and the ‘plans’ and ‘memories’ of these universes were placed in ‘quarantine’ in case all became lost in the Universal Game. The reason why the ‘memories’ and ‘plans’ of the original Supreme Universes were quarantined were to help them to become restored in case all became lost.

** Note: CAEAYARON created METATRON to work with other forces, other than pure Collective Love forces, for working alone with Collective Love Force was felt as though it was ‘limited’ in the greater universes. Upon desiring more power to be given, I, METATRON, was created to ‘help’ build the original universes.**

4: The bridge between the Blue Creation Universes and the Red Creation Universes.

At first it was decided that the two universes were to be kept separate from each other to stabilise their own power and forces to enhance each other’s power. This was agreed upon.

** Therefore, the Red Creation Universes were able to create their greater power and the Blue Collective Love Forces were able to stabilise their power.**

5: The Yellow Line in the blue top vortex of power:

This shows alignment to higher purpose. At the beginning, before the greater battles began in the universe, all was seen as good in creation. There was PERFECT BALANCE within the universes, and when there is PERFECT BALANCE, there is PURE CREATION FORCE to help all advance faster. Technology, power, evolution, growth, love all was shared between the beings.

** Though, CAEAYARON’s Universes advanced with their greater power of love faster than METATRON’s Red Creation Universes, all was shared and EQUALIZED.**

6: Blue Vortex of Power:

These were the infinite Wisdom and Love Codes from SOVEREIGN CREATOR POWER. These were from CAEAYARON and SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT and they had created the Divine Love Element Blue Archangelic Pathway to allow all to be given the Codes of Creation.


All grew in the harmony and the love and all were allowed to grow into greater love. They were UNRESTRICTED.

These Universes were FREE TO EXPLORE within their OWN BOUNDARIES that they had explored together to safeguard any falls from happening.

7: Lower Red Pathways:

After a time of exploring greater power for the Blue Universes, the Red Universes desired to understand how to GAIN GREATER FREEDOM.

Therefore, they decided that the original Red Creation Universes were filled with RESTRICTION as they desired to understand power outside of their own borders.

The Commander from the Red Universes, desired to understand this, and asked the GALACTIC FEDERATIONS for greater access, to allow the universal boundaries to fall.

This was not desired by the Great Federations as it would put the original Universes, those of the Creator Universes, at risk.

However, it was granted, as the ‘Cosmic Law’ in the universe stated that all could be seen and trialled, as all in the Universe that is requested must be tested, otherwise, no greater creation could come into existence.

Therefore, the Greater Creation Universes were also stopped from growth until the outcome was seen of these arguments within the Cosmic Courts.

As a result, the Red Universes, were able to separate a part of itself, and the Red Commander used this area as a New Pathway of exploration. The Red Universes fell dramatically in frequencies, allowing them to have greater freedom. The agreement was that they would not have the guidance from the Blue Universes any longer, for otherwise they would stay too connected to the Blue Collective Universes of Power.

8: Lower Blue Universes:

This 'fall' also resulted in the opposite for the Blue Universes. Like in the 'red universes,' the blue universes also separated a part of itself, and a large part began to shift downwards to allow the greater trials to happen.

Because the Blue Universes were created to build ‘power and balance,’ it needed to balance whatever the Red Universes did.

9: Smaller Blue/Red Vortex (2nd down):

To accommodate the wishes of the Red Star Universes, the frequencies of CAEAYARON were also ‘dropped’ to allow the Red Universes to play their own games.

10: Yellow ‘Note’ downwards in blue vortex (second blue vortex down):

The ‘tune of vibration’ fell downwards to allow the universes to come out of perfect ‘alignment’ to gift the Red Universes more freedom to explore.

11: The brown pathways in between the Universal Paths - Lucifer Pathways infiltrated the universes.

At first all seemed to grow and there were commanders who desired to grow their own games of power. They desired the Red Star Commander Codes of Power, to make it equal and ‘fair’, which meant that they received a part of ‘METATRON’ to make it ‘even.’

They created mirrors between their games to see which part of themselves would ‘win’ the games and which would not. They desired to build universes of their own power and enlightenment to explore ascension with density.

One leader, in particular, desired to have all the power of the Sovereign Universes as his desire to be part of the Great Rulers grew too great. He created the LUCIFER PATHWAY to create the great challenge in the Universe.

** He created it to take the power away from the Supreme Universes, as he discovered that taking their power would increase his own. He desired CAEAYARON and my Being, METATRON, to be at his feet to ‘allow’ him to rule the universal reign, which he would claim. **

Large battles followed. This one, the Great Yahweh Commander, desired to bring the challenge of ‘freedom’ and choice to the Supreme Divine Court Room, to allow all beings within the Creation Realms to understand the power of his ‘choice’ and ‘freedom,’ knowing full well, that all challenges raised in the courts had to be ‘permitted’ to be seen.

What YAHWEH knew of the Great Cosmic Laws 
• He knew full well that CAEAYARON could not bring the Great Alignment to allow higher creation to come into existence, unless all had been proven in the Great Universes.

• He also knew that CAEAYARON, GREAT DIVINE JUDGE, could not bring judgement into the higher universes, nor into the lower universes of existence, and therefore, he reasoned, that ‘anything could be done without restriction, as there were no ‘laws’ in the universe to say this could not be done.’

• Therefore, he knew his ‘thoughts’ and ‘ways’ were permitted in the greater universes.

He gathered a large team of the Red Resistance Universes with the thought of gaining Supreme Rulership over the highest Creation Dominions. He showed another way forward.

The gates were opened and those who did not choose to ‘follow’ him, battled with him, and many were killed or taken into prison states and were pained.

Yahweh and Lucifer desired to be the Great Sovereign Leaders, and this is how all in the Universes were taken down. Those against him fell greatly.

CAEAYARON and the GREAT FATHER, GREAT CREATOR SOURCE EMMANUEL recreated the Universes several times after great destruction came.

CAEAYARON created other universes to attempt to ‘break’ the scenario of Lucifer rising. However, even HE could not, as that being, Yahweh, whenever he came into creation, he discovered his ‘Freedom Power Lucifer’ once again, and therefore Lucifer began to roar; only to gain more power.

Whenever another ‘cycle’ of universes began, the strength diminished as energy within the universe can never be ‘destroyed’ only ‘re created’ if another pathway of healing begins to become desired.
12: The blue diagonal line - The Living Bridge:

‘Lemuria’ was created to allow the people from the Red Universes and the Blue Universes to come together, to again receive the opportunity to return back to the high Blue Universes of Power.

Many people, within the Red Universes, originally came from the Blue Universes, but fell into the Red Universes, due to death or imprisonment. There were those who ‘sided’ with the opposition to the Great Love, and those also were given the opportunity to embrace their Lemurian Living Codes of Power, to allow them to become part of the Collective Love Universes of Creation, should their love be strong enough.

This is why three Light Grid Programmers were sent to Lemuria. The Divine Love Element was able to come into the higher Universal Love Grids of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL to gain the higher flows of Codes to allow the people to receive them.

These Codes of Life were their Blue Creation Light Systems to become part of the Aligned Great Universes once again.

13: The Power Restoration Codes of Blue and Red:

The Lemurians received their original Codes of Power; both the Blue and the Red Universal Power, for then they could grow in harmony together into the New Creation Universes of Power after all had become aligned back to the Love.

By gifting the Red Codes and the Blue Codes it allowed their DNA to choose which ‘side’ they chose to stay on at the times of the ‘Choice’ in Lemuria.

This allowed the ‘freedom’ to be tested. Had the Lemurians stayed in the Love Collectively, then all in their previous universal history, which occurred in the ‘Red Universes,’ would have aligned upwards and then they would have received greater power than they would have originally had.

This seemed fair to the Yahweh Being, who had created ‘Lucifer’ and taken down trillions of beings in Universal History.

** He, THE KRYON CHANNEL, desired to gift them the choice of freedom, and the only way to do that was for the Lemurians to have both the Blue and the Red Power Codes of Creation. **

14: Brown pathway falling downwards from the living bridge:

Upon receiving the Voice of CAEAYARON, the Yahweh being was able to explore his ‘good’ and ‘bad’ theory he desired to understand in the Universal Stories. When he had stated to CAEAYARON, DIVINE JUDGE, ‘There is no good, there is no bad, you cannot judge me, oh DIVINE JUDGE,’ he was able to explore that theory greater.

At first, after LAEYARAESEA, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element, was asked by CAEAYARON, to gift him the voice, all seemed ‘good.’ This being, who had created the Lucifer Pathway in previous universes, was able to explore ‘love’ and ‘goodness.’ Once he had explored that, he could then begin to understand the ‘bad’ as he called it, and reconnected back into his old Lucifer/Yahweh selves.

With this power, I, METATRON, was able to allow the greater choice to happen. Before this, I, METATRON, was not ‘permitted’ by Cosmic Law to interfere with the lives of the Lemurians. However, once Yahweh had found his ‘Lucifer’ self, I, METATRON, was able to reconnect him to his old power and guide him the way.


Upon the Collective of Lemurians desiring the ‘freedom’ and the ‘power’ of the other universes of Thoth and Yahweh, they went against the Love of CAEAYARON and the Light Grid Programmers, especially the Divine Love Element.

** As a result, all began to be ‘tuned’ downwards. ** The people were able to step away from their Power Codes and sacrifice them to Lucifer to give him the power of:

• The Cave of Wo once again,

• And the Cave of Creation to recreate the scenes and the battles within his original universes; as per agreement within the Cosmic Courts.

• CAEAYARON would need to give up a lot of his power to allow this to happen, and the Lemurians, upon being ‘gifted’ the NEW TEMPLATE, THAT BEING THE HUMAN TEMPLATE OF DESCENSION (or as he called it the ‘NEW LEMURIAN CREATION’),

• Yahweh was able to place their original ‘karmic lessons’ within the ‘fallen ones,’ as he called it, including their Lemurian Karma. This created larger power for YAHWEH and LUCIFER to rise.

15. Blue/red vortex below the diagonal blue line:

On the Living Planes of Lemuria there existed a temple, which many people upon your planet know as the ‘Rejuvenation Temple.’

16. Yellow Tone: Shows frequencies fell down.


• The Rejuvenation Temple, originally was to bring the ‘lower’ thoughts and ‘DNA’ of the original fallen universes upwards, to allow the Lemurians to become more evolved with their thoughts and DNA system.

• This Rejuvenation brought their DNA to greater life with a high loving vibration, to heal all their previous universal systems.

• The more they received the greater healings, the greater their gifts of power became.

• This rejuvenated their greater ‘Soul Creation,’ also, as all that happened in Lemuria reflected in the greater realms.

• It purified their greater selves and realigned them to their multidimensional streams of power.

As a result, the Lemurians desired greater love and creation. They knew what was ‘good’ though they could not remember consciously the other side, as those thoughts had been healed. There were those within Lemuria, who did understand the previous Universal Battles, and the importance of the Rejuvenation Temple, and the secrets of Lemuria, but not all Lemurians were privy to that information.

After plans came into existence between the Yahweh being (who received CAEAYARON’s Voice for the ‘choice’ to happen) and Thoth, they desired to create this ** Human Template, New Ascension Pathway ** to bring all the Lemurians and Atlanteans into their Kingdoms.

• Understand, that Thoth and Yahweh never enjoyed each other’s company, but they both ‘needed’ each other to carry out their service.

• Thoth created the Merkaba system, to gain the energy from the Lemurians, and used my Being, METATRON, to grid in their power.

• Since Yahweh had command over the Voice of CAEAYARON, this meant he would be able to access the power of his original Lucifer Gateway, as long as the people desired his way. He would be able to give the people the option of his ‘higher ascension pathway.’


Yahweh, the Spin Doctor and Thoth began to devise another pathway of creation.

• They began to explore DNA falling downwards to harmonize, with TONING, all their DNA frequencies downwards to their original ‘kingdoms’ of power, to create ‘slaves’ from the Lemurians.

• Thoth desired the Atlanteans to be the ‘rulers’ of the New Kingdoms and promised ‘his’ people the Lemurians would fall beneath their feet.

• Yahweh, who had the voice of CAEAYARON for the choice to happen, did not desire that at all, and thus large arguments broke out.

• He did not desire Thoth to be in control, and therefore, Yahweh asked his ‘friend’ the Spin Doctor, for help and guidance.

• His ‘friend’ the ‘Marvellous Spin Doctor,’ understood the secrets within the Rejuvenation Temple well, as he had information built up over a very long time.

• He was able to bring Thoth to his knees, as well as Yahweh’s plans also and create another system, that to bring his own ‘kingdoms’ of power back with HIS OWN TONES. He ‘pretended’ to be the friend of Thoth and Yahweh, and created his own ‘master plan’ over a very long time.

17: Smaller blue/red vortex:

This created the large vortex of falling into the deepest abyss spaces.

The Spin Doctor harmonized all DNA frequencies downwards, and once the collapse happened all fell down without a way of escape. Again, the fall downwards is demonstrated by the ‘note’ downwards.

**The smaller vortex symbolizes how much power the people had lost. They were now ‘small’ compared to the much larger beings they were in Lemuria (as shown above the diagonal line, the living bridge).**

18: The bottom blue/red vortex:

CAEAYARON, and my Being, METATRON, would be ‘locked’ into the space of the deep abyss of Lucifer. (Know, this was originally agreed upon, and if we, as MAGNETIC FORCE ARCHANGELS, did not desire this happen, we could have easily freed ourselves. However, this was the only way to regain all power lost in the original universes and for the game to continue, for otherwise all of creation would have ended)

The Divine Love Element would seek a pathway forward to help the ‘lost’ Lemurians to find their way back home, and to win:

1. CAEAYARON’s Codes back from Yahweh (KRYON CHANNEL),

2. METATRON’s Codes back from Yahweh and Thoth,

3. The Universal Creation Powers to rebuild the original universes with,

4. The Life Codes from the lost Lemurians so that they could become ‘free’ to evolve within the higher love universes once again,

5. The Human Template Codes, to allow the Lemurians to become transformed into greater power and reconnect with their multidimensional streams once again.

** These Codes of Power were enormously important to all of creation and slowly you would then be guided back to the living bridge (Refer to 12: the diagonal line) of the possible alignment for you, if you choose to become Realigned with CAEAYARON through the Divine Love Element Pathway, Universal Light Grid Programmer, who now in your day is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Then all would become restored for you, if you chose the pathway upwards.**

No other way to grow out of the abyss state there is. No other way to reconnect you to your Living Codes there is either, until the ‘true freedom,’ the Codes of Power held by the darkness were won back by the Divine Love Element.

19: The Power Grids reconnected:

Upon winning back the Codes of METATRON, and CAEAYARON, the Power Grids could then become aligned (happened at end of 2018 and beginning of 2019).

If the Divine Love Element would win both the Codes of METATRON, and the CODES OF CAEAYARON (KRYON CODES):

• It would allow the Universal Power to become retrieved and all could then be restored, upon the Divine Love Element connecting the lower grids of CAEAYARON and METATRON into the higher Universal Love Grids.

• This would allow the Great Alignment of CAEAYARON to take place in 2020 to allow greater power to come to all who desire the Divine Pathway of the Divine Activations to happen for them.

The Power Grids connected meant another way for humanity was possible. Instead of the end being destruction for the earth and mankind, and the end of the Lost Lemurians, all could become ‘saved’ and restored because the Universe could then bring power back within the earth grids to allow another way to come.

20: The dark abyss of Lucifer and Yahweh:

Until that time, all would be held within the dark abyss of Lucifer and Yahweh, without a way out.


Once the Divine Love Element was able to discover these:

• Living Codes,

• Universal Creation Codes,

• KRYON Codes,

• Codes of METATRON,

• Including the Codes from the Human Template,

** you could then become part of the 13th gateway of Power, where you could step on to the ‘living bridge’ (Refer to 12: the diagonal line) once again, like you had in Lemuria, and again step into the Great Collective Power of the Oneness, with the GREAT CAEAYARON, to allow you to become part of the New Creation Existence.

These Codes of Power you could become aligned to, at CAEAYARON’s Divine Activations, would allow you to become part of CAEAYARON’s Universes of Love Power. You would then:

• Step into a Healing Transformation Grid, to allow you to step into greater power. This is similar to the Rejuvenation Temple where slowly your thoughts of the ‘old’ become ‘new’ with greater power.

• Your memories of your greater selves would slowly be able to return to you, to allow you to feel the greater gifts of power coming within you.

• CAEAYARON brings you into alignment within your greater multidimensional power, to bring you into greater frequencies of love within yourself.

• CAEAYARON brings you into the Universal Love Template, instead of the Human Template, to slowly allow you to become transformed back again into the love-self you once were. The love-self is filled with great universal power, without restriction or limitation.

• CAEAYARON would gift you a purified state, without karma on all levels, to allow you to grow into an unlimited self.

• CAEAYARON would be able to bring power to HIS Activated People to allow them to grow into more wisdom and might to bring the earth into a whole new state of being.


I, METATRON, will state here, that the people need to demonstrate their willingness to return back to their Living Codes, which is why the Galactic Federations of Light Societies have requested the people to attend the Divine Activations.

** In this way, the darkness can never state that the people were forced to have their Activated Star Selves back. **

Also, it allows the people to feel the love flows returning back to them, and to become part of the Great Oneness, to allow them to see and taste the Great Oneness of CAEAYARON’s ‘Sacred People,’ once activated with CAEAYARON, at the Divine Activations, as all evolve with greater love there.

Again, I, METATRON, will state, there is no other way to gain your Life Codes back, other than through CAEAYARON and the Divine Love Element, as this was the way all things were created in the higher love universes.

It was always through the Divine Love Element Pathway, Universal Light Grid Programmer, that the GREAT CREATORS, CAEAYARON and THE GREAT SOVEREIGN DIVINE SOURCE EMMANUEL, were able to reach all of creation and gift them the way of life upwards.

No other was created, and no other came to your planet to gift the way upwards. Always, it would be the Divine Love Element who would be called by Divine to bring this pathway upwards, after recovering all the Codes of Power.

Now is the time to decide, as now you are back on the Living Bridge of Power. What will you desire now?

This is the time of the ‘Great Choosing,’ whether you desire to stand in the Great Love Consciousness to rebuild your earth and to help mankind to survive, and to return to the greater love dimensions.

If you choose against it, you will not be choosing for your greater good, instead you will choose for the greater pain. Even I, METATRON, though I am not a Being of Love, as my love was taken away because the great resistance desired an Archangel without the Love from the higher Love Universes, I will state that it is a wiser course of action to work with CAEAYARON, rather than against CAEAYARON in your time line now.


Transmitted by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Divine Ascension Channel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, The Word and Author for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great, and the Great Caeayaron, The Eternal Great Mountain of Light.

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