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Your History Revealed EBOOK by Halisarius Pleiadian Chief Leader

Halisarius, Pleiadian Chief Commander and The Greatest Leader Of The Galactic Federations Of Light Society, reveals our true history and the game we are involved in through his channel, Suzanna Maria [Read more ...]

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Halisarius, Pleiadian Chief Commander and The Greatest Leader Of The Galactic Federations Of Light Society, reveals our true history and the game we are involved in through his channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

This books takes us on a journey to the past to understand our world today from a non-human star beings perspective that shockingly rewrites our human history. Many of the mysteries, such as why we were created, the greater game in the universe and how to find love in our lives are discussed for our healing and for our happiness and peace. The truth sets us free.
This book will open your eyes and many of the revelations will surprise you. You will recognise the truth deep down, however. It is now the great time of awakening and The Galactic Federations have approved this release of Divine information to the earth plane at this time. We need this information to awaken and learn to grow into stronger people.
Some of the questions this book, which is packed full of information, answers are:
  • Why is there so much pain on earth?
  • How are we involved in the greatest game in all the universes and what does this mean?
  • What is The Divine Plan and how are we involved in it?
  • Who were our true ancestors and what happened to them?
  • Why is our universe based on freedom to choose and what exactly does this mean?
Halisarius takes us on a journey through the eyes of a higher dimensional star being. He takes us back into ancient history to discover The Prophesies of ancient times and explains how they are being fulfilled. He explains how we play an important part in these prophesies.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is, and always was, The Channel of The Great Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron; The Great Awakening Master who is also known as Kryon. She is a gifted medium and healer and The Ascension Channel who is bringing the earth and all dimensions upwards through The Divine Pineal Gland Activations of Caeayaron.

Suzanna has taught countless people how to work closely with Angels, and continues to do so. You can find her on You Tube and Facebook where she channels The Great Lord, archangels and Star Beings in the love and light, such as Halisarius.
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What an amazing book to help humanity understand more of who they are on all levels. This book is easy to read and understand for anyone at any stage of their spiritual awakening. I would highly recommend this read to anyone who desires to understand why we humans suffer pain, disease, sickness, fear, anger, and what we can do about it. It explains the game of life we are playing in on earth and how we are controlled by it. It explains how we can claim our power back and use our brains to a higher capacity. The incredible power of forgiveness is explained deeply in a way I now understand completely! A deep realization I got from this book is that we do have choice in this life and each and every one of us can change our lives into more peaceful, abundant, healthy, loving joyful ones when we wake up to who we are. Finally an ancient history of earth that actually makes sense from the times of Atlantis & Lemuria!!

Much love and deep gratitude Suzanna for your devotion to channeling this beautiful book and to Halisarius for coming through with this knowledge to help humanity awaken.

Namaste, Donna Richmond, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron
Donna Richmond
When I received Halisarius's book I was filled with so much excitement. Everything that was written resonated with me, I couldn't stop reading it. I was filled with so much joy and gratitude.I had so many questions answered and it all made so much sense. I just wanted to shout it to everyone, "Here are the answers to so many questions.” I felt this strong knowing for Halisarius and a great love for him. It was almost overwhelming. Thank you. Thank you Halisarius for you awakened me, and I remembered you. Namaste, soooo much love to all,
Linda Jensen, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron
Linda Jensen
This is a beautifully written, easy to read, simple to understand book, containing many powerful insights into a journey that we are unable to remember, but when reading it is one that feels very real and familiar.Many ‘aha’ moments will leave you feeling lighter, more empowered and more at peace with this life. If anyone is truly searching for answers, then I believe that reading this book may just be the beginning of a deeper understanding, taking you on a new journey of ‘self-discovery’ of who you are and a new truth that will enhance your life, far beyond any explanation given to you until now. Halisarius reveals information never before given to mankind. It was such a privilege to have been one of the first to read this. A new and increasing respect for my life occurred when I turned each page.This is a wonderful comprehensive introduction into a new reality and an important understanding for all. This book allows you to discover more about yourself, mankind, earth and the universe, which we live in. Fear of the unknown is gently removed leaving the reader deeply satisfied and open to greater expansion of thought. The greatest gift is the development of a new ‘inner truth’ of who you are and your place on this earth. Thank you Suzanna for bringing to us all this wonderful gift, Namaste,
Sharan Collier-Caskey, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron
Sharan Collier-Caskey
Before this, a more exciting, enlightening, and important book did not exist. My heart and my being just buzzed feeling the truth resonating within me. Wow! There is information about our star family, goodies and baddies, our history, the darkness, the Galactic Federation of Light and our greater purpose in being here. That knowledge alone strengthened my heart with love and gave me a profound sense of peace within. This is a book written by a very highly evolved being of great love, a being who is here, to help humanity to grow into love and bring peace to our earth. An out of this world read from the higher dimensions of love and light flows, a must read for all truth seekers.
Jacqui Hanson, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron
Jacqui Hanson
I had been reading books for over 50 years, always hoping that the next book I read would answer all my questions and put all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle together. As I began to read Suzanna’s first book, a voice seemed to whisper very softly and so gently in my ear, “A Komo Ha Halima.” I have heard this phrase many times – it is the greeting that Pleiadians use every time Suzanna channels one of them. I had the distinct feeling a Pleiadian was with me and would be with me as I read the words of Halisarius. Halisarius’s teaching regarding human history and mankind’s ultimate destiny, was for me, so unique, so profound and so humbling. It moved me greatly, and deep within me, it has changed me forever. Thank you Suzanna and thank you Halisarius for answering all my questions and putting all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle together for me.
Graham Jones, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron
Graham Jones

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