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Learning to Dance in Cosmic Love Spaces Paperback Book By AMMORAH

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Learning to Dance in Cosmic Love Spaces, To Find your Inner Power to Create Change, By Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Pleiadians are here to teach us how to align to higher love consciousness to heal our own lives and heal our world.

In this fascinating, educational book, you will be taken through many processes to strengthen who you are. Many topics are discussed in this book such as:

·        How you are connected to the stars.

·        Do Star Beings truly exist, and will they ever show up to help mankind?

·        How your energy body creates your life every day.

·        How understanding yourself energetically can improve your health.

·        How we create our world together.

·        Who are your Creators?

·        The importance of mankind’s existence.

·        How you can heal your pain.

·        How people can create peace together.

Ammorah, Pleiadian High Priestess, will take you on a journey to teach you how to live a life filled with love, health, strength and abundance.  She teaches you how fears stop you from growing and how you can be part of a Great Love Consciousness coming.  

You will be given powerful exercises to help you connect to your deeper self for love, joy and greatness.  These exercises will help you to expand who you are and to connect to Light to strengthen you.

Who is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel? 

Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is the designated channel for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great.  She is the Ascension channel, designated by Divine Love, to bring millions of people back to the greater love, guided by Divine. 

Suzanna is the Universal Light Grid Programmer and Divine Love Element of Caeayaron.  Caeayaron activates people who come to the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, connecting them back into their Sacred Light Lemurian Codes for their great healings and the great ascension.  Suzanna works with Halisarius and Ammorah, from the Pleiadian Realms, who are here to guide people towards the Great Love Consciousness.

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Reviews ...

I am reading a book which is bringing tears to my eyes.. It is called "learning to dance in cosmic spaces of Divine Love" This is a book which will help you understand about love. It is a magnificent works which I know one day will be recognised worldwide for its incredible teachings. I have read it twice and now three times. Every time I do so I learn more and I heal on further layers.You can get a copy of this treasure by going to you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, thank you Ammorah. 💖 💖
These books are from the Great Divine. Channeled through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer. Both books are incredible. I have just finished reading - Learning To Dance In Cosmic Love Spaces.This book is absolutely amazing!! Teaching and showing how to flow in the love and light streams of life and how all energy is connected. What you think and feel is created in present time and manifests into your reality.Meditations are within the book to guide you into higher energy, higher thoughts, higher belief systems and to remove any fear, suffering, old belief systems and thoughts within you or to begin this process of higher enlightenment. Leading you too truly Dance In Cosmic Love Spaces. Love is the strongest force in the Universes. I personally found this book useful as this has many tools that have given me more insight into my own life for greater guidance. I am able to differentiate past and current situations that haven’t served my higher self. Replaying memories and life cycles that are not healthy to do and as a result things have manifested into not so good situations. But instead of dwelling on anger and depressive thoughts and energy. I have been able to look at situations from a higher thought learning perspective to understand greater the events that have taken place. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I hadn’t gone to Caeayaron with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Pineal Gland Activations and received my Lemurian Life codes. Love n light people
Leon Patrick Maloney
One of the two most important and magnificent books on the planet!
Dennis Morrien
This book is a pure work of Genius!!! Contained within these pages are great treasures, Spiritual treasures that will help you to understand and 'Dance in Cosmic Spaces of Love'. Many truths are revealed. So much wisdom is gifted with many exciting exercises. Jam packed with amazing knowledge. Absolutely a must read!!! With much love, Ngapipi Herewhini, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron
Ngapipi Herewhini
This book is a lifetime resource. As we grow and heal, we can refer back to it and understand each chapter on deeper levels. It is not just any book, but it is a tool filled with healing exercises and meditations. This book helps us with healing different layers, whenever we feel we want to refer back to it, to help us understand the greater love within us and the greater love of the star universes of great love. Deep love and gratitude to Suzanna. Much love, Nicole Richardson, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron.
Nicole Richardson
What a privilege it is to have this amazing book available to us all, from ‘Ammorah, Pleiadian High Priestess’ as channeled through ‘Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’ the only channel of ‘Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great’ and ‘The Great Caeayaron.’ As a seeker of ‘divine truth’ you will gain the greatest of clarity reading the words in this divinely guided book. How to live in ‘greater love’ is explained in a very beautiful simplistic manner. Written so that each aspect of the information is able to be absorbed fully. Nothing is rushed or goes too fast in this beautiful book, with the reader able to pick up the information at their own pace. This is not a novel but a ‘manual’ on how to live a ‘greater life’ in the ‘higher love flows’ of ‘collective love consciousness.’ If your heart desires to understand what is lying deep ‘within self’ along with what is ‘collective love consciousness’ and how a person does learn to live in ‘collective love consciousness,’ then this is a must read for you. The importance of becoming activated by ‘Caeayaron’ through ‘Suzanna Maria Emmanuel’ and receiving your ‘Divine Love Codes’ back will be greater understood, when you read and absorb the information presented within the pages. Your ‘heart will expand’ and your ‘desire will increase’ to return to a life without the pain, anger, jealousy and envy from the world that currently surrounds you. Each day you will feel more ‘peace within self.’ May this book show you, ‘who you are’ and ‘how to reconnect’ with yourself and others in the ‘higher love flows,’ and become part of the ‘collective love consciousness’ rising upon our earth at this time. Much gratitude and love, Sharan Collier-Caskey, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron.
Sharan Collier-Caskey
Wow the magnificence of the frequencies of this book is truly outstanding. Such a great gift of healing, joy and divine love. Every time I pick it up to read it I get excited and feel the love of the star beings around me. I can feel my heart opening and I received many insights on how I can grow greater into the love of my heart. I can feel myself expanding into higher dimensions of thought as I read the words from Ammorah. Every time I get drawn to read it, greater understanding, healing and love comes to me, this is truly a gift from divine, as it is a gift that keeps on giving. The wisdom in this book is very loving, awakening, evolving, strengthening and beautiful. It is also extremely practical with joyous exercises and meditations for you to work with, to experience greater flows of divine love. A truly magnificent book to have with you, if you desire to be one with the great star love universes again and desire to help create love and peace on our earth plane. The wisdom in this book expands our thinking on how we can bring greater love, peace, strength, abundance and joy to our own lives, so that we can work collectively to grow into our greater star families of love once again, to create a whole new consciousness of love on our plane. A beautiful book to expand upon the awakening journey of HALISARIUS’ book Your History Revealed, also channelled by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. Thank you AMMORAH and Suzanna for this beautiful gift of love and healing, it truly is a treasure to us all. Lots of love, appreciation and gratitude, Danielle Robertson, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron.
Danielle Robertson
A greater more powerful healing book does not yet exist and when one experiences the flows contained within these pages, they will find a strength which is beyond incredible. Ammorah will take you on a journey of awakening to your higher star self, your higher love self, in ways that until now have not been possible. A must read for all who seek the deeper truth for themselves and for humanity. Thank you Ammorah and thank you, Suzanna, for this great depth of self-discovery, for the love and for the healing this book has brought me. With much love and gratitude, Namaste, Jacqui Hanson, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron.
Jacqui Hanson
This is more than a book, it is even more than THE BOOK; it is an awakening journey, filled with beautiful star frequencies, healings, teachings, and meditations that help us to unfold as a child of the universe, into greater love, knowledge and understanding of becoming a beautiful flower of love within the universal spaces within. Throughout AMMORAH shines with great star beauty, supported by the light team of Pleiadian love beings who I often felt around me during the experience of harmonizing and growing into this catalyst of becoming a more beautiful self. Thank you for the experience AMMORAH and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. With love, Stephen, England, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron.
The difference for me between "Learning to Dance in Cosmic Love Spaces " by Ammorah, and other channeled books by star beings, is the love and light frequencies dancing within its pages. As soon as I started reading, I could feel the beautiful wisdom of Ammorah enfold me and the loving Pleadians surround me. "This book comes alive with energies of love and light." I resonated so much with the teachings that I read chapter after chapter until I was gently guided to slow down as I was healing so greatly. Now each time I read this beautiful book (one chapter at a time!), the loving energies support me in understanding even greater perspectives. An extra ordinary book. Thank you Ammorah. With much love, Glenda Rainey, New Zealand, Star Sacred World Healer, activated by Caeayaron.
Glenda Rainey

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