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The Living Words Of Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great:Volume 1

Jesus, 2,000 years ago, came as the Messenger of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, to bring the people the higher way of truth, to help them understand about the ‘Kingdom’ and how they co [Read more ...]

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Jesus, 2,000 years ago, came as the Messenger of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, to bring the people the higher way of truth, to help them understand about the ‘Kingdom’ and how they could become a part of it. He was sent by Divine to bring the people the Pathway of Life upwards to have life eternally.

In this book, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, the GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL who brought the words through Jesus 2,000 years ago, explains the greater teachings of Jesus. He brings HIS Divine Love and the ‘road’ to eternal life through. These are true gems for those who desire to understand the highest spiritual pathway.Many topics are discussed with THE GREAT FATHER EMMANUEL, such as:
•Who the Great Creators are,
•Who Jesus was as ‘the man,
•What was the mission of Jesus?
•The Great Father Emmanuel, who is HE?
•Jesus, The Divine Love Element and The Word,
•Has Jesus returned at this time?
•The teachings about ‘paradise.
•Your Personal Alignment,
•The Return of the Great Sun Consciousness,
•Universal Creation,
•The Great Gathering, what is it?

Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great talks to those who desire to be within their heart of love. 2,000 years ago, HE spoke through Jesus to help people to understand who HE is. HE always promised to return, and now HE has, as Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer, Divine Ascension Channel, The Word & Author of SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT & CAEAYARON, (Kryon), THE GREAT MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT.
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Words cannot describe the feelings that I feel as I had read chapter to chapter as I turned the pages of this book. So,so powerfully written by Suzanna, there is no doubt in my mind that this book is of the Divine, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great! All the way from the beginning in Vol.1, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great explains about he nature of the human body of how it was created along with the earth, the universes, and the animals. Furthermore, it explains how his being was created along with Caeayaron Master of Alignment of Magnetic Forces. Very greatfull of this information, because I had searching for truth all my life and I feel that this book explains the answers to life and the human condition as to way do we do the things we do. I tell if you the truth, if one has not gotten this book as of yet and have not read it, please get a copy (smile)!! Namaste and much love!!
Marcus Bailey
Read volume one. Loved it! If only people would see it for what it says it would be heavenly! You can not be offended at all. It is written how it was. It is lovely. I can not wait to get back and read more of volume two!
I have only read so far into Vol. 1 but I am loving it. One particular paragraph has captured my interest on the bottom of page 104 which states: " Within your earth lie many frequencies of beauty waiting to be discovered. These will remain hidden, like treasures, until the people are ready to find it collectively. These frequencies are also found in your hearts of love. The same frequencies within your planet earth are within your heart, waiting to be discovered." I really liked that we have all the energetic frequencies of Mother Earth inside of our heart and we can connect to her through our hearts. A couple of nights ago I asked to feel the frequency of 'Peace' and whoosh in it came - I then intentionally sent this 'Peace' frequency to Mother Earth. Last night I asked to feel the frequency of 'Healing' and whoosh in it came and I also sent this energy to Mother Earth. I am so excited and amazed at being able to feel this energy and being able to send it to Mother Earth who is in desperate need for all of mankind to change their thoughts and thus their individual energetic 'frequency' to a higher frequency of Love so that she can heal. Would definitely recommend these books which have hidden energetic awakening energies. Thank you Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great for the Truth & and thank you Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for channelling these Divine Messages and Teachings through for mankind.
Karen Handley
I could not stop turning these pages in this book, it has great awakening flows and healing flows. So many times I had to stop to meditate and to bring in great forgiveness.When I was at the activations SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT came through and his presence filled our spaces. Then I seen flows of light connecting us all together and then the most beautiful powerful love flows poured in. I let go of everything and completely surrendered to his love and I became blissed out.I did not want to ever let go but then my star guides surrounded me and I felt my energies being pulled close to me and they surrounded me with protection. (FOCUS) I heard them say and then they showed me the beauty of the earth; very clever this captures my focus always. Then it felt like I was remote viewing or astral traveling.I was in very high spaces moving around the earth grids watching. I saw four Earth grids together, then a large light grid very carefully (gently like surgeons hands) was slotted in the middle. There was a pause then great celebration as all the whole block turned to light . There was a strong vortex of love force energy created with pure thought field minds and great hearts of collective love and this manifested into a new grid being created then I saw a large wall being built around it (protection?) I saw other grids stacked on top of each other. I then had a bird's eye view moving high above another grid. It looked like four grids although it was one. There were four cubes with symbols on them and the cubes rotated and turned and with the most meticulous timing the symbols matched and the whole grid turned completely over.I saw a magnetic stream of light going into the heart of the ocean and when this becomes stronger ALL things will become healed.There was confusion amongst the people scattering everywhere but for those of us who are activated we will rejoice and celebrate because we will understand the great light and love is here and now collectively we will all rise in the greatest love. I pray to our great father SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT that our precious earth survives all that will come to be. Wow what an amazing experience. Thank you, Suzanna, for this precious book and for allowing us to feel the great love from our divine father SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT.Here I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my Star Guides for protecting me, exciting me, guiding me, and helping us All to grow in collective love.Thank you GREAT CAEAYARON for the beautiful healing flows and all gifts and codes you gifted to us all I AM eternally grateful, Thank you great divine collective loveThank you Suzanna this would never be possible without you. I love you with all my heart and soul and I am SO VERY grateful. Thank you SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT for teaching us a higher way of being. Julie Kane, England.
Julie Kane

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