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Your History Revealed Paperback by Halisarius Pleiadian Chief Leader

Halisarius, Pleiadian Chief Commander and The Greatest Leader Of The Galactic Federations Of Light Society, reveals our true history and the game we are involved in through his channel, Suzanna Maria [Read more ...]

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Halisarius, Pleiadian Chief Commander and The Greatest Leader Of The Galactic Federations Of Light Society, reveals our true history and the game we are involved in through his channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

This books takes us on a journey to the past to understand our world today from a non-human star beings perspective that shockingly rewrites our human history. Many of the mysteries, such as why we were created, the greater game in the universe and how to find love in our lives are discussed for our healing and for our happiness and peace. The truth sets us free.
This book will open your eyes and many of the revelations will surprise you. You will recognise the truth deep down, however. It is now the great time of awakening and The Galactic Federations have approved this release of Divine information to the earth plane at this time. We need this information to awaken and learn to grow into stronger people.
Some of the questions this book, which is packed full of information, answers are:
  • Why is there so much pain on earth?
  • How are we involved in the greatest game in all the universes and what does this mean?
  • What is The Divine Plan and how are we involved in it?
  • Who were our true ancestors and what happened to them?
  • Why is our universe based on freedom to choose and what exactly does this mean?
Halisarius takes us on a journey through the eyes of a higher dimensional star being. He takes us back into ancient history to discover The Prophesies of ancient times and explains how they are being fulfilled. He explains how we play an important part in these prophesies.
Suzanna Maria Emmanuel is, and always was, The Channel of The Great Sovereign Lord Emmanuel and Caeayaron; The Great Awakening Master who is also known as Kryon. She is a gifted medium and healer and The Ascension Channel who is bringing the earth and all dimensions upwards through The Divine Pineal Gland Activations of Caeayaron.

Suzanna has taught countless people how to work closely with Angels, and continues to do so. You can find her on You Tube and Facebook where she channels The Great Lord, archangels and Star Beings in the love and light, such as Halisarius.
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These books are from the Great Divine. Channeled through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel the Divine Love Element, Universal Light Grid Programmer. Both books are incredible. I have just finished reading - Learning To Dance In Cosmic Love Spaces.This book is absolutely amazing!! Teaching and showing how to flow in the love and light streams of life and how all energy is connected. What you think and feel is created in present time and manifests into your reality.Meditations are within the book to guide you into higher energy, higher thoughts, higher belief systems and to remove any fear, suffering, old belief systems and thoughts within you or to begin this process of higher enlightenment. Leading you too truly Dance In Cosmic Love Spaces. Love is the strongest force in the Universes. I personally found this book useful as this has many tools that have given me more insight into my own life for greater guidance. I am able to differentiate past and current situations that haven’t served my higher self. Replaying memories and life cycles that are not healthy to do and as a result things have manifested into not so good situations. But instead of dwelling on anger and depressive thoughts and energy. I have been able to look at situations from a higher thought learning perspective to understand greater the events that have taken place. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I hadn’t gone to Caeayaron with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel Divine Pineal Gland Activations and received my Lemurian Life codes. Love n light people
Leon Patrick Maloney
I love it! And I know that I will desire to read Your History Revealed many times over because it is special in ways that I may describe as being transformational. Appreciation and gratitude for wisdom and higher truths. Thank you, thank you, thank you Suzanna
Barbara Derecourt
This is easily and hands down the most important and exciting book I have ever read! The times of the greatest truths and the greatest revelations are here. A definite must-read for all spiritual truth seekers, you will be AMAZED!!! Thank you so much, HALISARIUS and Suzanna for bringing this information to us, I will be forever grateful. Love always.


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